Right of Reply – Silvio Scerri

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Dear Editor,


We have taken note of your publication of our letter, although not being as sent from ourselves but as edited by yourselves.

We are led to believe that you are not accepting our offer to meet at your offices on the 18th August “so that our client may provide the relevant undeniable evidence proving all the allegations that you have published as being unjust and detrimental to the rights of our client.”

Our client considers all allegations as published on your portal to be untruthful and we are requesting a meeting so that he may prove that accordingly.

We remain so available and failure to reply in earnest as to your clear intentions towards such offer shall be considered as a refusal of our offer to settle the matter amicably.

Editorial Note: As previously stated we will publish all documentation and statements Mr Scerri would like to make regarding these articles. MW awaits for such documentation with anticipation.