Kharkiv: Zelenskyj asks for patriot protection

“The world can stop Russian terrorism, but the political will among leaders must be overcome to do so,” Zelensky wrote on Sunday’s Telegram forum. “Two patriots for Kharkiv will fundamentally change the situation,” Zelensky said.

At least six people were killed and 27 others injured in Russian rocket attacks on a resort area on the outskirts of the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekov spoke on Sunday of “terror against peaceful residents, against our right to life, against everything humane and fair.”

Five more civilians were killed and nine wounded in rocket attacks on the villages of Novosynove and Kivsharivka, provincial governor Oleh Synegubow said. Kharkiv, which borders Russia, has been under heavy shelling for weeks.

Promise, but still no delivery

Just a month ago, NATO announced that it would strengthen Ukraine’s air defenses. Members of the coalition wanted to support Ukraine directly with anti-aircraft systems or contribute to procurement costs. At that time, Zelensky calculated that Ukraine would need at least seven patriotic organizations or equivalent weapons to defend the country from Russian attacks.

Zelenskyj: Russian army missed targets

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the latest offensive by Russian troops in northeastern Ukraine failed to achieve its goal. “In reality, the aggressor did not achieve the goal of overstretching our forces and thereby weakening Ukraine along a broad front from Kharkiv to the Donetsk region,” Zelensky said in a video address on Sunday evening.

According to the Ukrainian military leadership, the Russian offensive in the Kharkiv region has now stopped after initial territorial gains. Further south, near Chasiv Yar in the Donetsk region, heavy attacks by Russian troops were also repulsed.

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A patriotic air defense system

Reuters/Cockber Pempel

According to Zelensky, Ukraine urgently needs more such patriotic systems to defend against Russian missile attacks.

Terrible drone strikes on targets in Russia

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s armed forces again attacked targets along the Russian border with drones. Russian officials said more than a hundred drones were intercepted and destroyed along the Russian border. According to local authorities, an oil refinery was hit in the Krasnodar region, located in southern Russia on the Black Sea.

Ukrainian intelligence sources said the military airfield was the target of the attack by the army and domestic secret service SBU. “This is the second attack by SBU drones on the Khushchevska military airfield and the Slavyansk refinery in the past three weeks,” an insider said.

According to Ukrainian intelligence sources, the attack in Ukraine took place on Sunday night. Dozens of different military aircraft are stationed at the airport.

A woman cries after a rocket attack in the Kharkiv region

AP/Andrii Marienko

A woman cries in a park near Kharkiv where Russian rockets killed many people

The refinery stopped operations after the attack

According to Russian officials, six drones struck the site of an oil refinery in the city of Slavyansk. According to the Interfax news agency, the refinery initially stopped operations. But state agency Tass said there was no fire.

According to information from Moscow, the Ukrainian airstrikes on Russia were larger than initially reported. Air defenses have shot down 103 Ukrainian drones and 12 US-supplied ATACMS missiles in the past 24 hours, the Defense Ministry said. The ministry earlier said Ukraine had struck the annexed Crimean peninsula with nine ATACMS missiles and at least 60 drones in Russian territories.

Aid to children of war in Ukraine

Over 3,000 injured people have so far been brought back from Ukraine and treated in hospitals in EU member states. Austria cares for seriously injured women and children. Among them was an eight-year-old girl – Christophe Pentas met her.

Kiev: Warship sunk

Ukraine’s military says it has sunk a Russian warship. The Ukrainian Navy posted a photo on the Telegram platform in which the sinking of the Russian Black Sea Navy minelayer “Kovrovets” is marked with a red cross across the image.

The Ukrainian Navy did not provide any information on how and where the Govrovets was sunk. Ships of this class have a crew of 70. Information about the sinking could not be independently verified.

Since the Russian invasion began two years ago, the Ukrainian military has sunk several Russian warships. The use of explosive-laden war drones and speedboats has now forced the Russian naval leadership to withdraw large and valuable warships from the occupied Crimean peninsula and relocate them east of the Black Sea.

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