Holiday for home teams – an exception


Group A

LINZ AG Team Upper Austria – Raiffeisenbank TC Bludenz 4:3. Austria’s Melanie Klafner dropped her top singles match against Switzerland’s Fiona Gans and Barbara Haas lost in two against Czech Denisa Pospisilova, bringing things closer to the four-time defending champion in a winner-takes-all clash. First match day. But in levels three to five, Czech Petra Krejsova scored convincingly in the match tiebreak, as did Petina Stummer and Janina Toljan, who secured a Krejsova/Stummer decision in favor of the hosts against the Vorarlberg women in the doubles.

TC Sparkasse Kufstein – BMTC-Brühl Mödlinger TC 4:3. Despite 9:8 sets and 72:48 games, the visiting team from Lower Austria, consisting of only Austrians, managed to win only one point in the second round. Smooth victories by Alexandra Zimmer and Klaudia Kasparovych in singles and doubles were no longer enough, as all three games went to Tyrol’s home team with a match tiebreak – in singles and singles by Germany’s Sabrina Ridberger. Decisive singles doubles with Tara Erler and Michaela Niedermeyer in singles. A completely unlucky, successful start for the Kufsteiners who couldn’t play on the first match day.

Free to play: TC Bakl Weigelsdorf

Group B

KLC – TC Kitzbühel 6:1. Despite one or two close sets, the 2022 finalists didn’t do much against the newcomers from Tyrol. Poland’s Gina Magdalena Feistel was the only scorer for TC Kitzbühel in doubles singles. For the Klagenfurt Athletic Club, Slovenian Dalila Jakubović (with Romanian Aleksandra Gadandu-Ignatic in first doubles), Nina Blihal and Emily Meyer (in doubles) contributed two points each – to their second win in the second round.

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Grazer Park Club – UTC Fischer Wright 4:3. Last year’s semi-finalists managed to redeem themselves from a narrow opening defeat against KLC – thanks to a coup against last year’s finalists from Upper Austria, however, with their top three players Sinja Krauss (preparing for French Open qualification. Paris), Silvia Ambrosio (Italy) , Lena Papadakis (Germany) had to be eliminated. Despite Arabella Koller, Nadja Ramschögler and Germany’s Karina Hofbauer scoring for Ride in stages two through four of the competition tiebreak, the cross women had the last laugh after trailing 2:3 after the individual competitions. Croatia’s Eva Primorac and 14-year-old Tyrolean Anna Bircher clearly won the singles doubles, while Russian Polina Leikina and former national champion Yvonne Neuwirth won the doubles by a narrow margin against Koller and Kristina Wolfgruber 6:7, 6. :3 and 10:8 in the match tiebreak.

Free to play: 1. Klosterneuburger TV


Group A

TC Harland – TSV Hartberg-Tennis 5:4. A second win in the second match for last year’s finalists – although it was still 1:2 after the first doubles match for men, the guests from Styria could dream of a surprise. For the Lower Austrians, German Louis Wessels’ narrow 4:6, -6:1, -11:9 victory over Ukrainian Vladislav Orlov turned out to be a trump card, as were the clear victories of Tobias Wierlend, Jonas Kundacker and Markus Zeletsky. Four to six stages.

TC Raiffeisen Schwaz – UTC Strasbourg 8:1. Here too, the winners on the first match day achieved another sense of achievement, bringing them closer to the semi-finals. Underlying this were three narrow two-set wins in doubles for the Tyroleans. With this 3-0 lead, the home team, led by Giovanni Oradini (Italy) and Aziz Kijamedovic (Bosnia-Herzegovina), lost only four men in the end. There, 21-year-old Tobias Smoliner won Carinthian honors with a 6-0, 6-1 win over ex-Tyrolean professional Philipp Schroll at the start of the season.

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Free to play: ASKÖ TC Burgenland Energie Eisenstadt

Group B

Union Stein&Co Mauthausen – TC Raiffeisen Dornbirn 8:1. A confident opening win for the Upper Austrians, who were considered favorites by most Bundesliga clubs, and who came in the same force as Slovenian Blaise Rola. The road to victory was set early as they won 3-0 after doubles. But Rola, two former national champions Andreas Heider-Maurer and Lenny Hampel, and two young players making their debuts for Mauthausen, Matthias Ujvari and Joel Schwarzler, showed no weakness individually. Vorarlberg’s promoted side had only six singles, where Czech Marek Rehacek won two tiebreaks against Dominik Aigner.

TC GM-Sports Anif – STC Rabbiter Team Salzburg 3:6. The only away win this time in the second round of the win2day Bundesliga came in the Salzburg derby, as the winners met on matchday one. In the two-man doubles, Gerald Melzer and ÖTV sports director and Davis Cup captain Jürgen Melzer narrowly lost in the tiebreak of the tournament, leaving the home team trailing 1–2 going into the singles matches. In addition to the Melzer brothers, who reunited with Anif this year, they also relied on a third former Davis Cup player: 53-year-old Gerald Mandl, TC GM-Sport Anif’s facility operator. But of the trio, only Jürgen Melzer managed to make his appearance successful – 6:4, 6:4 against Dominique Wirland, the senior world number one in the 30+ world. For the guests, the Germans Daniel Mazur and Jacob Schneiter and Gabriel Schmid, who took the doubles points, were the winners in singles from one to three.

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Free to play: UTC Casa Moda Steyr

2. BundesLIGA

The second round of the 2nd Bundesliga also took place on Saturday. For women and men, it brought home wins in Group A and away wins in Group B. For women, TC St. Andrä’s promoted side recorded a second straight, 5:2 win over TK IEV in Group A again. MED-EL 2:1 WIN POINTS – Group B ATSV Steyr Tennis won 4:3 in the top game against the Tannenhof Resort team of Tannenhof Resort. Among the men, TC Hard suffered a second defeat at TV Hochwolkerdorf with a score of 7:2, while UTC Amstetten suffered a second defeat with a score of 3:6 against TC Sparkasse Seebenstein. In Group B, only TC Telfs managed to stay unscathed with a second win (8:1 against UTC Mistelbach) after the second match day.


Group A
TK IEV MED-EL – TC St. Others are 2:5
TC Wörgl – UTC Stockerau 3:4
Free from the game: TC Raiffeisen Schwaz

Group B
ATSV Steyr Tennis – TC Dornbirn by Tannenhof Resort 4:3
SPG Reinbach / Grünbach – TSV Hartberg-Tennis 5:2
Free to Play: Union Modeling Tennis Club


Group A
TV Hochwolkersdorf – TC Hard 2:7
UTC Amstetten – TC Sparkasse Seebenstein 3:6

Group B
TC Telfs – UTC Mistelbach 8:1
Tennisnet Juniors UTC Bad Sauerbrunn – TSG St. Pölten 7:2
Free play: ÖTB TV Urfahr

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