VAT “lawyer” ignores Government’s Policy

This portal has been informed that a certain Paul Scicluna is being allowed to practice law in court in spite of not being an advocate. To add insult to injury it seems that this person represents the VAT department.  Apparently, Mr Scicluna has been representing the VAT department in Court for a number of years. VAT cases are heard in front of   Her Justice Doreen Clarke. Does the judiciary have the duty to check whether persons representing parties in a court have the necessary warrant? Perhaps the judiciary will argue that this is a criminal case under Maltese Law and consequently the police are opening the case and no lawyer is required. However, it seems that the police are never present in this court hall and Mr Paul Scicluna is given a free hand to do whatever he feels like.

Government entities should ensure that whatever action they take is in the name of justice and fairness. Apparently this is not the case with this man as he seem to attack tax payers even when there is a clear evidence of non-guilt or circumstantial evidence that these persons have found themselves in circumstances beyond their control.  The approach of the VAT department seems to be that of trying to condemn everyone at all costs. Tax payers have informed this portal that they had informed the VAT department of specific circumstances including Paul Scicluna himself. Instead of appreciating this, the VAT department or rather Paul Scicluna on behalf of the VAT Department opened a case against the person trying to find a solution to a specific circumstance.  The message that clearly comes out is do not communicate anything to the VAT Department as the only thing that counts is the number of cases Paul Scicluna opens.

On the other hand, it seems that the VAT legal office finds solutions if tax payers are represented by certain accountants. Indeed, the legal office gives appointments in a fast manner to certain accountants and procrastinates with  others.

The VAT Department has a lot to clarify on  the legal office  and  particularly on why not qualified persons are  in charge of the legal department. Does the VAT department give instructions to accuse persons even when there are clear solutions? If this is the case, why is the VAT department taking this approach in spite of the Minister for Finance stating otherwise on various occasions including in Parliament,