EUR 700 million road surfacing project – impossible to implement over 7 years

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This morning Prime Minister Joseph Muscat announced a major road resurfacing and construction project costing EUR 700 million. He said that this would involve every single road in Malta and Gozo and would be spread over 7 years – roughly a spend of EUR 100 million every year.

Speaking to this news portal, a major contractor said this project was impossible to implement in the specific time frame due to the following major issues:

  1. At present there are not enough contractors to do the work required.
  2. There are not enough wardens/police or Transport Malta Officers to mange the road closures.
  3. Disbursements valuing EUR 100 million a year are currently not possible with the infrastructural resources available.

In fact, if one observes the costings for the Coast Road project alone, the total spend was EUR 53.6 million over two years. This was already a huge strain on resources available and other roadworks could not be carried out concurrently during the time. And this was for an annual spend of just over EUR 27 million.

One also has to factor in other announced projects such as the Addolorata Junction in Marsa as well as the ongoing works on the Kappara Flyover and junction.