The Austria report is now also available in English and Italian

The Austria Report, which brought together the views of dioceses, experts and organizations to the World Synod last fall, is now available in English and Italian. The eight-page report was published in German on May 15 and sent to the Vatican’s pontifical secretariat in due course, as a source of evidence. This report is now also available in English and Italian translation Website of the Austrian Bishops’ Conference can be recovered.

The report identifies the areas of women’s status in the church, the church’s missionary orientation and greater participation within the church as central concerns for the Catholic Church in Austria, which it wants to feed into the next world synod in October. . The report was prepared by the National Episcopal Commission appointed by the Synod of Bishops, headed by Archbishop Franz Lachner, who participates in the World Synod of Bishops as the head of the Austrian Synod.

The Austrian report is based on feedback from dioceses to the World Synod (SB) synthesis report last fall. Further comments came from technically responsible bishops within the Bishops’ Conference, who, together with relevant experts and church bodies, deepened the content of the synthesis report.

The paper available now lists a total of 14 topic areas in eight pages. The ordering and prioritization results from the “frequency” and “representativeness” of the task force for the groups of persons represented, “whereby diocesan contributions are given priority in the weighting,” it says in the introduction.

Most recently, in an interview with CBS, when asked whether a woman raised Catholic today would have the opportunity to become a deaconess and member of the church clergy, the Pope’s “no” was hotly debated. The Austrian report – written before the interview became known – says in the question: “Although women’s priesthood is occasionally discussed, there is a strong vote for the admission of women, supported by the majority of dioceses (including diocesan leaders, Linz deacons, to the diaconate).

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The arguments given for this apply to both the Bible and the doctrinal statements of the Second Vatican Council. In short, it says: “Based on a theologically sound basic conclusion, there can be an appropriate adjustment in the canon law. Consequently, the vocations enjoyed by women in local churches can be seen, examined, and trained. Can be ordained to the sacramental diaconate.”

In summary, the report says: “Overall, the in-depth discussion of the various parts of the Austrian Church shows that the synodal process has come to Austria and is taken with gratitude and commitment by many. The Church in Austria is certainly at the beginning of a path: that in the next few years, synodality is not a special topic, With the second Synod meeting in October 2024, we will learn at all levels that it will instead represent a real cultural change.”

The Austria report is available as a PDF for download in German, English and Italian Available. Synod document with further reports and documents:

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