“Don’t Be Afraid” – Herbert Giggle plays the blue-collar political messiah

The European Union candidate opened the speech Petra Steiger In front of a very sparse audience due to the weather. He railed against “EU madness” and “eco-communism”. The EU is nothing more than a self-abnegation project, it destroys prosperity, it tells us how we should think, it is a warmonger.

And then Gigl delivered the blue political messiah: “Fear not,” he shouted at the audience and promised his fans “a new phase of freedom, appreciation and justice.” The audience thanked him by chanting “Herbert Herbert”. “You are very kind to me,” replied Giggle.

Then he created a conservatism era in the 1970s, when politicians had only one goal: “Their own people are doing well. I want that too. I am one of you.”

“Magnificent Castle Austria”

According to the FPÖ leader, he could be insulted hundreds of times as a right-wing extremist. In fact, he represents the middle of the population. and a “Castle Austria”. Such a situation is a “wonderful one” because it preserves the “Austrian family”. Gigl continued, saying he had no problem using the term “immigration.”

Instead of insulting his political opponent as in previous appearances, this time he pulled the pathos card: “I’m a working-class boy from Rattendeen, the public enemy number one of this establishment. But if you support me, I will accept this challenge. You are the master, I want to be your upper servant, and: “With your help, I want to make Austria a blessed island again.”

Demonstration by FPÖ protesters

A few demonstrators tried to disrupt the event by chanting slogans, but were quickly pushed back by the police. There were no incidents.

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