Program preview – Musica Sacra 2024: Young sounds for Lower Austria’s oldest church music festival

“Something new”: Cathedral bandmaster and neo-festival director Valentin Künert (left) with head of the cultural office Klaus Gellner, diocesan bishop Alois Schwarz, mayor Matthias Stadler and Sparkassen-ne-Mitte West publicity manager Florian Haideril of the Diocese of St. Bolton.

Joseph Worlaufer

DHe Church music festival “Musica Sacra” from September 8 to 22 offers some innovations: St. Bolton Cathedral has a new artistic director in the person of Kapellmeister Valentin Kunert. For the first time there will also be a separate program for children.

“Is There a Dividing Line Between Sacred and Secular Music?” – This is addressed by “Musica Sacra”, the oldest festival in Lower Austria, which takes place for the 51st time from September 8 to 22. Pölten Cathedral Kapellmeister Valentin Kunert is not only the new artistic director: for the first time there will be a children’s program with an organ story theater.

Many program highlights

Arthur Honecker’s oration “King David” on September 8 will be performed by the St Paulton Cathedral Choir and the Johann Strauss Ensemble. Actor and director Carl Markovics will lead the story; The soloists are Christina Gansk, Marie Seidler and Bernhard Berchtold.

Also program highlights include cellist Matthias Bartholomew at the Lilienfeld Abbey Basilica, the Vienna Class Harmonica Duo at Herzenburg Abbey and Osnabrück Cathedral organist Balthazar Baumgartner. The finale was Max Bruch’s solo concerto “Cole Nidre” for cello and orchestra and Gustav Mahler’s Fourth Symphony at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Christina Kansch will appear again as a solo singer.

Details and exact schedule can be found below

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