Balance sheet 2023: Sustainable use for the city

Under the motto “Act sustainably”, Holding Cross presents all the activities, plans and statistics for the past year in its annual report for 2023, which is presented in accordance with the international requirements of the Global Reporting Standards (GRI) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). ) The report is primarily available digitally via the Holding Cross website and has again been optimized for use on mobile devices to further contribute to sustainability.

Above all is the city of Cross Mayor LK KarUnderlines the performance of the city’s largest company and boasts employees with a tireless commitment to the city of Cross and its citizens. “The employees of Holding Cross ensure that the city runs every day and the security of supply is guaranteed. At this time, I would like to express my gratitude to all employees for their dedication and commitment to serving the public. The new 2023 annual report provides an overview of your achievements and the many projects implemented, always in the interest of our city. Has an eye on sustainable growth.

Significant investments and services

With more than 3,200 employees, the sales revenue of the Holding Cross Group is expected to rise to nearly 708 million euros in fiscal year 2023. In an environment characterized by rising interest rates, geopolitical upheavals and high inflation, Holding Cross Group invested a total of 110 million euros in 2023. “These investments make a significant contribution to the expansion and maintenance of the city’s infrastructure and ensure supplies for Grass residents. In addition, if we think about future-oriented projects in the field of climate protection such as addressing congestion in the city center or ‘Grass Energy Plant’ and ‘Energy Sewage Waste Utilization’, absolutely Investments must also be made in new infrastructure.Plant in Gössendorf.So the CEO Wolfgang Malick And added: “In 2023, it became clear again that the holding group is a reliable partner for all essential infrastructure and thus ‘public services’ in Graz. For this, I would like to thank all our employees who are an important part of the active urban life in the Styrian capital.

Focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy

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Board Director Gert Heigl (Infrastructure and Energy Division) emphasizes the importance of sustainability in all investments, which is also reflected in the 2023 Annual Report: “The topics of sustainability and climate protection are taken into account in all procurement and infrastructure projects from the beginning, and are always a cross-cutting issue for a group like Holding Cross.” He adds: “Energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies are essential to the desired target of CO2– Neutral city. As one of the key measures to achieve climate neutrality at House Cross, we promote the installation of photovoltaic systems for local power generation in areas such as water and waste management and the airport. Besides contributing significantly to climate protection, security of supply and price stability will also be significantly enhanced.

As part of the photovoltaic master plan for Haus Cross, areas for the implementation package from 2024 to 2026 at 56 locations specifically meet the requirements for the construction of photovoltaic systems – including open spaces and the parking garage floor at the airport, the Schlossberg restaurant and the Aster sports and wellness pool.

Important projects in the area of ​​advanced mobility

In 2023, Cross Lines was able to successfully pursue a number of projects critical to the quality of life of Cross residents. Board Director Mark Pers (Movement and Rest Section): “Last year €53 million was invested in expanding climate-friendly public transport infrastructure. These include the initial signaling of the new BIM line through the city center and the dual carriageway extension of the 5th line at Bundigam. Procuring new, modern trams for our passengers is also forward looking. “Last year I was able to open six new locations for customers with my heart project “TIM” car sharing. This means that now there are 14 Tim Mobility nodes and 17 pure Tim car sharing locations in Cross.

Favorable growth in aviation and leisure sectors

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The aviation industry faces many challenges in 2023: post-Covid-19, Ukraine war, Israel-Hamas conflict, inflation and energy cost trends are some of the influences shaping aviation. In this difficult environment, Graz Airport performed well in 2023. Forecasted traffic figures and ultimately sales and profits are higher: the airport was able to serve about 30 percent more passengers than in 2022 – the number of passengers totaled 733,146 (2022: 561,535).

However, about 30 percent of passenger records in 2018 and 2019 are still missing. In general aviation, movements increased by about 6 percent after a decline of nearly 16 percent in 2022.

Cross swimming pools also experienced an increase in visitors: the number of visitors to the city’s indoor swimming pools increased by 17,000 (+13 percent), while the number of visitors to outdoor pools increased by 10,000 (+3%). Wellness and sauna visitors 10,000 (+16%).

Photo above: Marc Perce, Wolfgang Malick, LK Kahr and Gert Heigl (from left)!

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