Market Values ​​Austria: Sturm Cross is on the rise – Salzburg is the best winner

Bras Vertwolster in Champion


In the market value upgrade in the Austrian Bundesliga, Red Bull Salzburg’s ten-season title-winning champions Sturm Kroes are of particular interest. The newly-crowned champions, competing in the Champions League for the first time in 24 years, have registered a huge increase in team value. rising steeply from 55.3 million to 76.3 million euros.

All new market values ​​at a glance

The most valuable player in Sturm’s line-up is Alexander Brass (22). The ÖFB teammate increases his valuation from 4 million to 12 million euros, which puts him in the top 10 of the league’s most valuable professionals. Otar Kittishvili (28), who excels in the attacking midfield, also recorded a plus: after a jump of 2 million, he will be valued at 5 million euros in the future and is the fourth most valuable footballer in his home country.

Liverpool loanees Vitislav Jarosz (+€4m), Tomi Horvat (+€2m) and Jusuf Kasipegović (+€1m) have also risen to €5m. For Arsenal loanee Mika Pireth (21), the price rises from €3m to €7m – with the centre-forward now the second most valuable player in the Champions League.

Despite the broken streak, the runner-up from Salzburg has had two big winners, but also several losers. Oscar Kluk (20) and Karim Konade (20) were the bright spots of a season that was confused without a title. The former was top scorer with 15 assists, while his teammate scored 20 goals. After increases of €5m and €10m respectively – the biggest in the league – the duo now stand at €25m and are the league’s most valuable trio alongside teammate Strahinca Pavlovic (unchanged).

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Other players on the team have been demoted primarily due to a weak season. The biggest write-downs were recorded by the quartet of Omar Solet (up to €10 million), Luka Suzic (up to €15 million), Lukas Korna-Douth (up to €9 million) and Nicolas Capaldo (up to €5 million). Loses 3 million euros.

Sturm Cross & away from Salzburg: Ljubicic from LASK was the biggest winner

Apart from the two dominant teams, LASK’s Marin Lubicic (22) is the biggest winner. Under interim coach Tomas Tarasz, the Croatian has flourished in the Championship group and attracted international interest. As a result of these developments, Ljubicic’s salary will increase from 5.5 million euros to 8 million euros.

Others from Linz are also climbing the market value ladder: Tobias Lawal (+one million euros), Maksim Taloverov (+0.5 million euros), Andres Andrade (+one million euros), Saska Horvath (+0.5 million euros). euros) and Moses User (+0.5 million euros) all valued at 2.5 million euros. Rapid Vienna and TSV Hartberg also recorded some increases: Vienna ÖFB international Leopold Kurfeldt (+1.5 million euros) and future Bremen player Marco Krul (+1 million euros) increased by 5 million and 4 million euros respectively, while Hartberg’ national striker Maximilian Entrup ( +0.5 million euros) is now at 2 million euros. Former Schalke player Donis Avdijaj hit the form of his life in the spring: the 27-year-old almost doubled his value and is worth €1.5m – he was last at this level in 2019.

This is how exchange market values ​​work

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