Oscar-Ready Confirmed – “Volle Hatte” at the Premiere of “2”. Gföhler children’s crime novels

Filmmaker Daniel Wursl and his crew of ten again made a big impression: “Shooting for 2 films. Gföhler Children’s Crime Thriller”, which celebrated its premiere at the Gföhler Lichtspiele on June 22, 2024.

Excitement was assured from the start: the “Gföhler Mafia” shows no quarter when it comes to gambling debts and does not shy away from murder when it comes to collecting money. Panic and panic grip the town – the police are doing everything they can to nab the culprits. It was not an easy task for the film police officers Mary Keiler, Franziska Würzl and Jana Kolinski – especially the latter, who, in addition to the investigation, had to constantly deal with questions from the “annoying” NÖN journalist Gerald Meyerhofer.

NÖN author as doubt and villain?

“Mayer” and “Hoffers” appear again and again in the crime film: Romy Mayer, singer from Swett, shows off his acting skills in his guest appearance. NÖN editor Mayerhofer is always looking for tomorrow’s topic. This makes him a prime suspect for the police – until it turns out that the boss of the “Gföhler Mafia” is also operating under the code name “Mayerhofer”. Finally the police manage to arrest the villains.

Children, village priest and cinema director showed their talent

Annalena Dick, Jacob Wurzl, Berta Wurzl, Laurence and Quentin Ohlseld, Anja Winter, Mia Flora Lorenzo da Silva and Johannes Huber reprise their roles as the film’s villains. As an assistant director, Marina Novozal made sure everything went smoothly behind the camera – in the film she is seen in a guest role as a cinema cashier. Town priest Abi Joseph King, cinema boss Franz Holzer and pizzeria owner Ferhat Balicki also shine in their roles as extras.

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Lots of laughs at cult mugshots

Parish councilor Carol Holzmann, Gföhler elder Rainey Winkelhofer and master carpenter Michael Dubovi, known as the “Gföhler Saubärn” singer, were found in mugs taken by Gföhler police. All extras received a bottle of grape juice or wine for the kids. Daniel Wurzl was surprised by the audience with an Oscar statuette for his work.

On the day of the premiere, the Gföhler Lichtspiele hall was fully booked three times. During the film discussion, Daniel Wurzl promised a third part of the children’s crime novel.

Nina Kaylor

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