The ÖVP advances against Gewessler

The ÖVP is taking action today after Vice-Chancellor Werner Kögler and Climate Protection Minister Leonor Küssler (both Greens) criticized the Constitutional Service yesterday. Constitution Minister Caroline Edstadler spoke of a “horrifying development” for the “Klein Zeitung”, while Secretary General Christian Stocker had harsh words in a broadcast: “When it comes to their green ideology, the rule of law does not suit the Greens. .”

Gwessler and party leader Kogler previously questioned the independence of the constitutional service, which reports to the chancellery, and the minister demanded in the Ö1 journal “to be freed from instructions”.

“This is a really scary development because the constitutional service has excellent lawyers. I fully support the staff. Their work should be available to all ministries to interpret the constitution, but also to advise and make recommendations on legislative proposals,” Edstadler criticized his ministerial colleague.

What the Greens are trying to do is “oppose an institution of the Republic with private legal opinions. This is a dangerous development, for which Environment Minister Leonor Küssler is responsible, because the People’s Party, after voting yes to the EU restructuring regulation, complained of abuse of her office. The service, in turn the Greens opposed to their own views.

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