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Kissing is not just for lovers. It is a cardio workout that strengthens the cardiovascular system and keeps the immune system fit. It also helps in weight loss.

At first glance, getting 80 million germs from a single kiss doesn’t sound very appealing. However, it is better to kiss your loved one as often as possible, as it is generally very beneficial for your health and helps you lose weight. If you don’t currently have a kissing partner, you’ll find information about the negative effects of kissing at the end of this post.

Why kissing is healthy and even has a rejuvenating effect

When you kiss, the stress hormone cortisol is suppressed. This means that kissers relax and generally feel completely comfortable. © Ales Utouka/IMAGO

When the lips and tongues of two close people touch, a veritable flood of hormones is released: serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline, endorphins and the bonding hormone oxytocin are released, while the stress hormone cortisol is suppressed. It makes the kisser feel relaxed and totally comfortable. Some scientists even suspect that kissing can have a preventive effect against depression. Additionally, the released messenger substances adrenaline and dopamine reduce the perception of pain.

Lose weight: According to scientists, kissing has many positive effects

However, kissing has many other benefits: especially the skin benefits from intimate kisses. When kissing, the facial muscles are activated, which specifically prevents the formation of wrinkles. In addition, the skin on the face is intensively supplied with blood during kissing, which has a refreshing effect and ensures a visually firm appearance. No makeup can achieve this glow effect so quickly.

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A serious lip workout with full tongue involvement can also help you lose weight—and not just because you can’t kiss and eat at the same time. Active people burn up to 20 calories per minute with just one kiss. A minor side effect: extensive kissing can strengthen neck and back muscles. Because you want to make sure your noses don’t collide while kissing, kissers automatically assume a basic ergonomic position.

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Kissing: Tongue Play as Cardio Exercise

Intense tongue play also stimulates various organ functions. It not only makes the heart beat faster, but also faster. Kissing puts the cardiovascular system in a positive state of stress. Heart beats 150 times per minute during kissing. Positive medical effect: The heart muscle is strengthened by this cardio exercise. Lung function also improves. Scientists have found that kissers breathe 60 times per minute instead of 20. This means that the body is better supplied with oxygen.

Hormone experts at the Vienna University Hospital have also discovered that kissing can help with heart problems too. Sufferers should kiss and cuddle vigorously for at least three minutes every day. Positive effects according to the study: High blood pressure decreases and cholesterol levels (the infamous LDL level) improve.

Kissing: Oral vaccination with kisses strengthens the immune system and prevents hay fever

According to scientists, kissing strengthens the immune system and acts like an oral vaccine. Dutch microbiologist Remko Kort and his team found that about 80 million bacteria are transferred during intense French kissing. It has a positive effect on the immune system. The immune system activates defense cells that are supposed to neutralize the bacteria.

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The kiss also has a positive effect on hay fever. Japanese allergist Hajime Kimata examined the immune values ​​of 50 hay fever patients in a study. The result: After they kissed their partners for 30 minutes, significantly less allergenic antibodies and histamines were detected in the blood after this remarkable achievement.

Kissing: According to studies, passionate kissers live longer

According to researchers, anyone who reaches the age of 70 kisses an average of 76 days. Finally, the strongest argument for extensive kissing comes from doctors at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. They found that passionate kissers not only resisted many diseases, but also aged more slowly. A study conducted by the American Society for Sexual Behavior in Los Angeles showed that heavy kissers lived up to five years longer.

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