Discontinued sales of PC version in 177 territories – Shock2

The Sony and Arrowhead service game was a hit Helldiverse 2 Currently available for purchase in over 150 regions, Steam will offer in-game cash regardless of playtime.

What happened?

Last Friday, publisher Sony announced all the players for the PC version Helldiverse 2 Starting May 30, you’ll need to sign in to a PlayStation Network account, which has led to the displeasure of many PC gamers. According to steamdb received Helldiverse 2 There are now 215,000 negative Steam reviews and a real uproar on the usual social media channels. The link requirement was present at the launch of Helldiverse 2, but was temporarily removed following its unexpected success and ongoing server issues.

“Due to technical issues with the launch of Helldiverse 2, we have temporarily allowed the connection requirements for Steam accounts with a PlayStation Network account to be optional. Account Linking plays an important role in protecting our players and maintaining the security values ​​that PlayStation and PlayStation Studios games offer. This is our primary way of protecting players from grief and abuse by suspending players who engage in this type of behavior. It also gives banned players the right to appeal. Therefore, starting May 6, all new Helldiverse 2 players on Steam must link their Steam account to a PlayStation Network account,” Sony said.

Cashback on Steam in 177 countries

According to SteamDb, the game was listed there because Helldivers 2 was not available on PSN in the more than 150 countries it was previously available on Steam. While players from any region can easily create a PSN account for any other region, the lack of official support for the feature forced Steam to take action. Additionally, players report that the service offers in-game cashback regardless of playing time. Normally, players have two hours to decide whether or not they want a refund, but Valve has relaxed those rules as part of the PSN overhaul.

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