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| 05.05.2024

At the Networking Sustainable event, high-profile panel guests exchanged ideas.

“Transition to a sustainable economy”: this is the motto of the networking sustainability event of the Park Hyatt Academy in Vienna in April 2024. The event began with a video message from current City Councilor for Finance Peter Hanke.

Keynote speech and discussion

After the reception, Wolfgang Schwayda, Founder and Managing Director of, presented the development of the ecosystem and the Academy. This was followed by meteorologist Andreas Jäger, who spoke about the current state of climate change. As part of the panel discussion, experts Marc Schabka from ÖBB-BBC GmbH, Helmut Forchtner from Siemens Mobility Austria GmbH, Philipp Horner from the Vostalpine High Performance Metals division and Philipp Irschik from Steiermark Energie AG shared their views:

Amstead native Gernot Wagner, a leading climate economist and founding director of the Solar Geoengineering Research Program at Harvard University, participated in the discussion live from New York.

Here are the records.

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