Cold after the false Middle Ages –


The past few days have been unusually warm, and even the Klagenfurt Lido has opened its doors. But 30 degrees is a thing of the past. A cold snap brings temperatures more consistent with the season.

It was the second weekend in a row with mid-summer temperatures. It was 30.9 degrees in Villach on Sunday – the hottest ever for April. The old high was 29.9 degrees on April 7, 2011.

Thunderstorms and drop in temperature

It's been a long time since that happened. First showers and thunderstorms from Hohe Tavern to the Carnic Alps on Monday afternoon, Geosphere reported. It remains dry with increasing, fon south-westerly winds in the east of Carinthia. It will last till evening and then rain here too. Thunderstorms are also possible. The temperature will also reach 22 to 27 degrees. An Italian low forms on Tuesday night and temperatures drop to seven to nine degrees. It will stay that way through Wednesday, with thunderstorms always possible.


Some were already swimming at the Klagenfurt Lido on Saturday and Sunday

Snowfall is also possible in the Klagenfurt Basin and Lavandel. It rains very little at Hohe Tauern, where the fon northerly wind dries the air, but the sun is seldom absent. It will also be cold, with morning frost possible.

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