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April 15, 2024 – Premiums rose 7.4 percent to 272 million euros including branches, HDI said. 13.54 million euros, slightly lower than the EGT 2022 value.


HDI Annual Report 2023 (cover; Source: HDI)
HDI has an annual report
Released for 2023
(Cover; Quelle: HDI)

For the last financial year HDI Insurance AG Affected by geopolitical situation, natural hazards and inflation.

The insurer said this while releasing its 2023 annual report.

“The investment sector has been hit by rising interest rates associated with tight monetary policy and the loss of catch-up effects related to Covid-19,” the insurer continued.

Premium development

Premiums collected, including branches in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, increased the overall bill by 7.4 percent to 272.0 million euros.

81.9 percent of this was made in Austria.

This amounts to 245.31 million euros (2022: 228.88 million euros) for direct business and 23.91 million (2022: 21.17) for indirect business.

Premium growth in individual sectors

In industrial insurance, premiums could increase further in 2023, with the main drivers being commercial liability, fire, traffic and technical insurance.

“The line of commercial motor vehicle liability decreased by EUR -5,030 thousand (2022: EUR +943 thousand) compared to the previous year due to the loss of a large customer.”

According to the insurer, the volume of premiums written in the private segment increased by 6.5 percent compared to the previous year (2022: +4.7 percent).

In the “Private Motor Vehicle Comprehensive Insurance” segment, the increase was 7.1 percent (2022: +6.0 percent), and in the “Private Motor Vehicle Liability” segment, it was 6.8 percent (2022: +4.0 percent).

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Insurance Technology, Investment Decisions, EGT

The underwriting result fell from 13.2 to 11.3 million euros, while the investment result improved significantly from 1.2 to 2.2 million euros.

As a result of normal business activities, 13.5 million euros (2022: 14.4 million), the retained profit rose to 22.4 million euros.

HDI Versicherung AG (selected key persons) in fiscal year 2023

Identification Number



Total premiums are charged

– Austria

– Republic of Che

– Slovakia

– Hungary

272,04 Mio.

81.9 %




253,21 Mio.


8.9 %

3.9 %


Costs of insurance claims

136,65 Mio.

148,43 Mio.

Underwriting Decision

11,31 Mio.

13,19 Mio.

Investment decision

2,23 Mio.

1,20 Mio.

Total investments

304,13 Mio.

301,07 Mio.

Operating Profitability (EGT)

13,54 Mio.

14,39 Mio.

Annual surplus

10,36 Mio.

10,12 Mio.

Adequate profit

22,41 Mio.

21,75 Mio.

Combined ratio is net


78.7 %

HDI expects “positive sales growth” for 2024

As for economic growth in the euro area, the HDI expects “low growth rates in 2024, slightly higher than in 2023”. According to the insurer's estimates, inflation will decrease compared to 2023, but remain at a high level.

“However, HDI expects positive sales growth through 2024.”


The 2023 Annual Report can be downloaded as a PDF document From HDI website will be downloaded.

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