“Fantasy” stands for “Sound Spring”.


The “Sound Spring” festival starts in three weeks at Schlinging Castle (Oberwaard district). The program ranges from classical to pop to jazz. As part of Monday's program presentation, it was also announced that the festival will be held as part of the Burgenland Culture Department from May.

“Sound Spring” at Stadtschlaining enters its 23rd season this year. From May 1, the festival will be integrated into Kultur-Petrip Burgenland (KBB). For Governor Hans-Peter Toskozil (SPÖ), this is a logical step in the development of the cultural location of Burg Schleining and southern Burgenland.

Due to the great response, the cultural offering will be expanded, Kulturbetriebe-Burgenland Managing Director Barbara Weißeisen-Halwax said at the program presentation at Schlaining Castle: “I am happy to be able to welcome a new festival that has proven itself. And the program will definitely be expanded throughout the year. We will use synergies and see the space here together. I think that's a great thing.”


Director Gerhard Krammer, KBB Managing Director Barbara Weissen-Hulwachs and State Governor Hans-Peter Toskosil at the event presentation at Schlinging Castle

KBB is now responsible for Sound Spring's administration, ticketing and marketing. The design of the show is in the hands of director Gerhard Kramer and show organizer Werner Klossl. Marianne Ment will play the opening concert with her orchestra. Other artists include Constantin Wecker, Eduard Kudrovats, and Wiener Bland. A colorful musical arc will be under the motto “Fantasy”.

“We need a lot of imagination, because the world seems out of control, we need useful anchor points, and for us music and art are like that,” said director Gerhard Krammer. “Sound Spring” kicks off on May 4th, and a total of 18 events are scheduled through May 12th.

From spring to autumn

“Klang Frühling Kids” will be held from 15th to 17th April at Schlinging Castle – for the first time this year. “Clangarbst” in November and “Blues&More” in July.

At Schlinging Castle


“Klang Fruling Kids” started this year

Six exhibitions on history, peace and democracy are on display at the Schlinging Castle under the title “From Fort of Defense to Castle of Peace”. More events are planned throughout the year. The Barcarena will open on July 1 with a performance of “Kicks” – about which Land is investing millions in stachlining.

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