Bartoli departs in balloon – from “Lorenzo da Ponte” airport

In keeping with this year’s festival motto “Tuto Mozart”, the concert in the Great Festival Hall featured two symphonies by the Salzburg genius. First with “Pariser” and finally in festive spirit we heard the “Jupiter” symphony, which culminated in the Transfiguration. Controlled by the conductor with careful dynamics, it was a highlight of Mozart’s symphony, lived up to its nickname, with radiant brilliance and great joy to play.

KURIER Rating: 4 stars

Dancing, drinking, smoking, playing football: there was a colorful crowd in the airport’s departure hall. Videos have planes parked or flying behind it, even burning. David Livermore sees this imaginary airport “Lorenzo da Ponte” as a meeting place where passengers must contend with delays, weather storms and explosions. The journey began with the festival’s operatic pastiche “Une Foley Journey,” a “big day” conceived by artistic director Cecila Bartoli.

From here you can fly to Seville, Palermo or Naples, the setting of Da Ponte’s operas “Le noz di Picaro”, “Don Giovanni” and “Cosi fan tutte”. Precisely the most beautiful arias and ensembles from these operas were presented as “best”, they were presented mainly by a group of high-quality singers: they played and sang with joy and humor, the protagonists slipped into different roles and not only their true meaning. The variety of ideas and gags seemed too stiff and the superstructure seemed too contrived. Things were buzzing in the final as Bartoli and Mattia Olivieri floated through the sky in a balloon in front of a colorful cloudscape.

Frecher cherub

Bartoli could be seen with energy and flexibility in all the ensembles: Susanna, Gerlina, Despina, Fiorticligi, and “Sio mi scordi di te?” with the concerto, accompanied by Daniel Trifonov on the fortepiano. In “Il mio tesoro intanto” and “Un’ aura amorosa” Daniel Behle was able to shine with his beautiful timing. Melissa Pettit sings “Porgy Amore” in a soft tone. Lea Desandre is delightful as Cherubino and Despina. Substitute Mattia Olivieri sang the “Champagne Aria” with a deep bass-baritone. Alessandro Carbelli loved “Register” with a slightly mature buzz, but with a lot of humor.

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Rolando Villazon as Basilio is mainly clowning around and forcing his voice. Les Musicians du Prince – Monaco under Gianluca Capuano provided a fragrant, sensitive and exciting accompaniment. Standing ovation.

KURIER Rating: 4 stars

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