Figo’s condition continues to improve, but isn’t there an isolated culprit?

who was the Slovak Prime Minister on Wednesday Robert Figo A victim of life-threatening injuries cannot be an individual tortfeasor. There is evidence of this, Interior Minister Matus Sudaj Estok told reporters in Bratislava on Sunday.

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico’s health is improving. A clinic in the central Slovak regional capital of Panska Bystrica said on Monday that he was able to communicate with his surroundings. Clinic and Deputy Prime Minister Robert Kalinak had already said on Sunday that the 59-year-old prime minister was out of danger. This is what Deputy Prime Minister Robert Kalinak and Deputy Head of the Clinic in Banska Bystrica, Milan Urbani, said on Sunday. Figo was shot Wednesday by a 71-year-old man.

However, the patient cannot be transferred to the capital Bratislava in the coming days. Last week, Figo was fatally wounded by multiple gunshots by a 71-year-old assassin.

“We have put together a team of investigators who will work on the version that it was not a lone wolf,” Sudaj Estok said. One of the indications is that the complete content history of the accused’s Facebook page was deleted two hours after his arrest. He was in police hands at the time and had no access to the site. The minister explained that his wife could not access it at the time.

Reduce tensions

Meanwhile, a roundtable of parliamentary parties planned for Tuesday by President Zuzana Caputova and her chosen successor Peter Pellegrini is unlikely to take place. The Round Table will help reduce political tensions between the government and the opposition and reduce the polarization of society. “The time is not yet ripe for that,” Pellegrini said in a video message to the People. Some politicians have shown themselves to be “incapable of introspection after so much tragedy”.

Pellegrini refers to “frustrating attacks” by politicians on rivals – which contributed significantly to tensions in society. Pellegrini of the Social Democratic Party won the presidential election in early April. He will succeed Kaputova, the current Liberal incumbent, as head of state on June 15.

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