A.M.S. about themselves and the unemployed in Vienna

Helmut is a trained Viennese EngineerHe was a temporary employee in Siemens On Leberstrasse: “Four Waves of layoffs I somehow survived there, but at one point I also had no job.

The elder seems satisfied Long-term unemployed On her AMS supervisor’s work: “She didn’t put any pressure on me. Today she showed me how to apply for a prescription fee waiver.

die Monthly pass He recently resigned from Wiener Linnion (“I’m alone, I’m not going anywhere anymore”). And with savings for them Liquidated Legal Defense Insurance He now pays part of his rent.

“Still no work”

Further”The sun will touch“, as the office clerk is called in his circle of friends, confirms a mid-week survey of his visit to the AMS in Floridsdorf. Labor Market Service Delightfully Delivered: Accordingly, customers are never satisfied with the services rendered: 81 percent Jobseekers and 79.5 percent of companies rated AMS Very good or good.

What “Sunny”, who has been looking for a job since February, says: “My supervisor is definitely there Skilled“But if I don’t get a job, what good does it do me.” applications Dispatched and long Selection process Participle: “I still don’t have a job at the end of the day.”

The 38-year-old’s experience of wanting to “get back to work as quickly as possible” is consistent with another finding in the AMS survey. It is well hidden somewhere in the middle of the raucous broadcast: “Ad Satisfaction with job opportunities AMS achieved only 44.8 percent.

Appreciation for the work Labor Market Service Coming from today Tanja Berber, who leaves the office very satisfied after the meeting at AMS-Floridsdorf. Berber runs a socio-economic enterprise Caritas Vienna It has been cooperating with AMS for 20 years now. Communication is really good. If she wants something, “it will be.”

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A Caritas employee also sees AMS going directly to organizations as a positive.

A job she could live with

Helmut and “Sunny” still couldn’t get anything out of it. For COPD patients, the question now arises as to whether their disease will guide them. He retired earlier Let’s go: “I had to do a lot of heavy lifting at Siemens. That’s not possible today.”

The office clerk is happy about a job offer, “I can make a living.”

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