What makes Bitcoin different from crypto?

Bitcoin may be scarce, but thousands of other crypto assets are, critics often say. Who knows if one of them will overtake Bitcoin? Why is this so unlikely?

Strictly defined – these words will ring alarm bells for many. Gold coins that cost many times their face value are often appreciated with these words. If there are not enough buyers for such a series of “strictly limited” coins, the coins are melted down and used for new coins, which are strictly limited.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), digital goods that can be bought for money, are often said to be limited and unique. For example, 10,000 different drawings of bored monkeys from the “Board Ape Yacht Club” that changed hands three years ago, some worth six to seven figures, are not drawings but virtual objects on a blockchain. Now they can mostly belong to an area.

Because “limited” doesn’t mean scarcity. “Limited” means that they can actually produce more, even if they decide to produce more than a certain number. Limited advantage should be sought, so it does not mean scarcity. If there are not enough buyers, the range is of no use in giving good value.

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