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Two Gelson surveys are currently underway in Carinthia to document the distribution of new Gelson species. They can spread dangerous diseases. Experts are predicting a strong gelson summer as the current wet weather favors their growth.

From a meteorological point of view, summer has already started, but the weather is still in April mode. Wet weather is the ideal breeding ground for gelson, so the timing is perfect for two gelson studies currently underway and led by Christian Wieser, head of zoology at the State Museum. They are carried out in collaboration with the Medical Directorate and AGES in Vienna.

“On the one hand, the eggs and egg clutches of exotic gels are collected and genetically checked. This helps to make decisions about different species. On the other hand, live animals, that is, live animals, are caught by live traps and genetically tested for West Nile virus,” says Weiser.

Rising temperatures make exotic animals feel at home

Previous studies have shown that the Asian bush mosquito is present throughout Carinthia. “The tiger mosquito needs some warmth. Although it is detected every year in Carinthia, these are mosquitoes brought from vacations, for example.

The biologist believes that if the temperature rises by one or two degrees, the tiger mosquito will also establish itself. He points out the dangerous consequences. “The bush mosquito can transmit Zika virus or dengue fever, among others. The tiger mosquito carries, among other things, West Nile virus and other viruses that can cause encephalitis in humans.

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Stagnant water is an ideal breeding ground for jellyfish

The question is not when these species will spread in this country, Weiser says: “You have to know what’s going on in the country.”

Every paint, every rain barrel, every pot saucer full of water is a perfect place for gelson, so it’s important to make people aware that everyone can do something about gelson plaque, warns Wiser.

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