US House of Representatives: Yes 60 billion to Ukraine

This gives Kiev about 61 billion US dollars (57 billion euros). The necessary approval by the Senate is still pending, but is considered certain. Aid to Ukraine was decided simultaneously, but in separate votes, with additional military aid to Israel and Taiwan. Also, a bill leading to a TikTok ban was passed in order to win the approval of isolated Republicans.

Applause after voting

Applause broke out in the crowd after the vote. Several MPs waved Ukrainian flags and shouted “Ukraine, Ukraine”. They were called to order. A large number of Republicans voted against the aid, but Democrats were unable to block its passage. Republicans hold a razor-thin majority in the House.

The vote could cost House Republican Speaker Mike Johnson his job. Many hard-line MPs loyal to former President Donald Trump opposed aid to Ukraine.

Reuters/Ken Cedeno

Mike Johnson made a surprise U-turn several months later, risking his position

Zelensky “thanks for the decision”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the US House of Representatives for the vote. Shortly after the vote, X took to the platform (formerly Twitter) to thank both parties and Johnson personally for his “decision to keep history on track.” “Democracy and freedom will always have a universal meaning and will never fail as long as America helps protect them.”

US President Biden thanked members of the chamber and called for swift action by the Senate. As early as next week, the chamber is expected to vote on the package.

NATO chief: “Makes us all safer”

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg hailed the vote as an investment in the security of NATO nations. “Ukraine is using weapons provided by NATO allies to destroy Russian combat capabilities,” Stoltenberg said. “This makes everyone in Europe and North America safer.”

Russia: Destructive for Ukraine

Russia responded that the aid package would further bankrupt Ukraine. “The decision to give aid to Ukraine was expected and predicted. “It will continue to make America richer, it will further destroy Ukraine and lead to more dead Ukrainians,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov reported on Saturday evening, Russian state news agency TASS reported.

Ukraine is vital to its survival

The package provides about $23 billion to expand the U.S. military inventory. Since the US regularly supplies equipment from its stockpile to a country attacked by Russia, the money indirectly goes to Ukraine. The rest is earmarked for military aid and financial aid.

The aid package is crucial for Ukraine in its war against Russia. In fact, the United States is considered Ukraine's most important ally in its fight against Russian aggression. Since the start of the war, the US government has provided more than 40 billion euros in military aid to Kiev. According to the US government, funds authorized by Congress for Ukraine were used. The temporary shutdown weakened Ukraine's defenses, as the country lacked weapons and ammunition. Europe's financial cost to Ukraine is now high, but US arms supplies to Kiev are the most important.

Until a few days ago, however, Congressional chamber Speaker Mike Johnson was reluctant to even call a new vote given opposition within his own party — not least the one directed by former President Donald Trump. Ukraine of the week called on Europe to provide more support.

Total aid is $95 billion

The templates released by the group provide $60.84 billion for Ukraine, nearly $26.3 billion to support Israel, and $8.1 billion for the Indo-Pacific region. US President Joe Biden was also told to deliver long-range ATACMS missile systems to Ukraine “as soon as practicable”. Kiev has believed this for a long time.

Reports: Ukraine needs help

After more than two years of Russian aggression, the new weapons of the United States and other Western countries have certainly turned the situation in favor of Ukraine. CIA Director William Burns urgently warned on Thursday that without new US military aid, Ukraine will lose its war against aggressor Russia this year.

The US think tank Institute for the Study of War (ISW) adds: “Ukraine cannot sustain its current position without a swift start to US aid.” If America had allowed Russia to defeat Ukraine now. “These long-term risks and costs far outweigh the short-term cost of resuming support for Ukraine.”

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