Economic Association – President Ulf Seifert wants to promote networking in the city

Participants in the meeting: Vice-District Committee Chairman Andreas Minnich, Director Leopold Schiebach, Finance Officer Sandra Haas, City Committee Chairman Ulf Seifert, Company Officer Anna Stiefweiser, District Committee Vice-Chairman Peter Hopfeld, Master Baker Wolfgang Reider, Otto Schweitzer and lawyer. from right)


DKorneuburg City Council has re-elected its board. Chairman Ulf Seifert was confirmed.

The City Group Committee of the Korneuburg Economic Association reconvened for a general meeting at the Town Hall Cafe on the main square. City Council Chairman Ulf Seifert was unanimously confirmed for a new term. His new team consists of three vice-presidents, namely Andreas Minnich, Hubert Holzer and Lucas Hammerl, financial officer Sandra Haas, deputy financial officer Peter Harrold, auditor Roland Raunig and Michael Minarik as another board member.

Re-elected chairman Ulf Seifert wants to strengthen networking in the city and encourage people to get to know each other. In the future, he plans quarterly network meetings and increased teamwork for regional companies. “The newly elected, somewhat revitalized and strengthened Board of Directors is an opportunity for the dynamic development of the Economic Association,” Seifert believes.

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