The kayaker died while out in Attersea

A dramatic rescue of the 54-year-old Czech man ended in failure.

There was a kayaking accident on Thursday afternoon Weissenbach am Uttersee came A A 54-year-old Czech citizen Was on a whitewater kayak trip Kimbox Pulled under water and held there by suction for several minutes.
The 54-year-old was known to tour the waters popular with kayakers. He knew the dangerous spots, and drove ahead in his kayak, informed Police in Upper Austria. However, he fell from the kayak into a white water eddy and was unable to extricate himself from the emergency situation due to the strong swirling water.

His colleague and other kayakers rushed to his aid and alerted emergency services. The casualty was brought ashore by a kayaker using special rescue techniques and was rescued by rope after emergency medical treatment. Martin 3 rescue helicopter Brought to a forest path about 50 meters high.

Also white water powers Austrian Water RecoveryAt that time they were trained in special operations forces Tron They were called to the scene 20 kilometers away in Wilden Lauffen, near Bad Ischl.

There, after initial treatment, the critically injured man was immediately resuscitated by the emergency medical helicopter crew and transported to the hospital. Kepler University Hospital Flew to Linz. The man died shortly after arriving there.

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