40 years without a driver’s license: Burgenlander caught after years of driving without a license

During the nationwide grid square on Wednesday, Burgenland police caught a car driver in Unterbullendorf (Oberbullendorf district) who had been driving without a driver’s license for more than 40 years. The 62-year-old initially evaded control, but after a short chase with flashing lights and a horn, the local man was stopped. The person has been informed. Also, as per the police report on Thursday, many speeders were caught.

In Bocksdorf (G├╝ssing district), a car driver drove through a local area at 95 km/h instead of the permitted 50 km/h. A moped driver does 68 kmph. As there was a technical change in the two-wheeler, the driving license was removed. A total of 112 speeding tickets were reported after the speed cameras. 234 other reports were filed and 228 orders of punishment were issued. In total, around 790 drivers were tested and 355 breathalyzer or breathalyzer tests were carried out between 9 am and 7 pm on Wednesday at Gattam Square.

At Potzneusiedl (Neusiedl am See District), a Romanian tractor-trailer with faulty brakes was taken out of service. “The driver knowingly traveled on the A6 in a dangerously damaged truck that was unroadworthy and unsafe to operate,” police said in a statement. License plates are removed and a security deposit is collected. Additionally, reports are submitted to the responsible District Administrative Officer.

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