Spring vigil in the town center – St Bolton

“St. Bolton city center has held up well in the last difficult crisis years,” says Matthias Weilander, managing director of marketing, proudly and mentions the + location. Market research identifies St Bolton as a “healthy city with excellent frequency and upside potential. And the next assessment should be even better – thanks to a number of contemporary innovations and customer-beneficial events.”

St. Events for Pölten residents and guests

This year, 33 special events bring the streets, alleys and squares of the city center to life – and there really is something for every taste. From “Garden Splendor & Herbal Power” on May 11 to “Bell Bungee Jumping” in June, there's craft beer in the Alumnatsgarten and Children's Play City in September. In between, the Marktgasse is celebrating its “pavement opening” – as construction work to renovate city center amenities continues apace. And “series of events” musik.stp city live! And the pop up singer is back…

Come in comfort, shop in comfort

Arriving in the city center, decorated with beautiful umbrellas and butterflies and colorful flowers, is very easy: LUP buses run quickly and on time, and the new parking folder shows visitors where the city is. The center can also park their cars around the corner – in twelve garages around the downtown area, for convenient shopping at home. The best way to pay is through stp* vouchers. Popular vouchers will soon be available 24 hours a day from a new machine at Sparkasse. You will get an APP with bonus scheme…

New shops, new restaurants

Lukas Stefan from Ecopoint Business Services says, “Elevation, diversity and changing concepts are the hallmarks of a functional city. New tenants will soon move into the former Triumph branch on Kremser Gasse and the two vacant stores on Herrenplatz, Riemerplatz and Schreinergasse. He confirms the opening of KFC on Bahnhofplatz, It can also already be reported that the consolidation fund has moved to the former post office in Wiener Straße.

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New ratings

And to be able to better document the effects of all these actions, STANDORT + MARKT, together with the mobile phone provider DREI, will create frequency monitoring of different cities and events on an hourly basis, with the resolution “unique visitors” (deletion). several counts per day).
By the way, visitors can get a taste of St Bolton in the “9 Things” folder – which uses new and fresh examples of what makes our city worth living and seeing.

Frequency is not the same as frequency

St Bolton is worth living and worth visiting – even if naysayers and professional critics don't want to admit it, this is shown by the growing number of residents and visitors. But: “Good frequency from public areas does not automatically mean frequency in stores; it is important to differentiate and actively communicate with customers on every conceivable scale,” explains Matthias Weilander, head of marketing: “Successful businesses do this well. It comes out again as a frequency provider for the public.”

Suggestion and criticism

The reasons for coming to the city are clear from the inner city master plan with the concept of re-urbanization: to work, consult, shop, enjoy, use cultural offers, learn, meet, live. And much, much more. “The avenues and squares are constantly being improved, and anyone walking through the city with their eyes open cannot miss it. Fortunately we have such a wide base and are growing as a city,” says Matthias Weilander. Also: “City Center is offered with patriotism, not reputation-damaging criticism.”

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