Russia attacked Ukraine with airstrikes

According to the air force in Kiev, 21 of the 34 rockets and cruise missiles were shot down. Attacks came from the air, the Black Sea and the ground. Meanwhile, the situation on the frontline is getting tougher.

Russia has hit Ukraine with new massive missile strikes. A total of 34 rockets and 21 of various types of cruise missiles were shot down, the air force in Kiev said on Saturday morning. It said the attacks came from the air, the Black Sea and the ground. A total of four thermal power plants have been severely damaged, said energy company DTEK. People were also injured.

“You'll get the help you need,” the company said. Workers are currently working to repair the damage. Earlier, an aerial alert was issued across the country. According to the Ministry of Energy in Kyiv, the airstrikes primarily targeted energy facilities. Attacks were reported in Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. According to officials, two energy facilities were attacked in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Officials also reported multiple explosions in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, not far from the Russian border. The grounds of a hospital were also reportedly hit by Russian shelling. The low pressure caused damage to buildings and some windows were broken. A patient was injured in bed. Officials have also released pictures of the damage.

Difficult situation ahead

Meanwhile, Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief Oleksandr Chirskij described the operational-strategic situation on the frontline as difficult. The situation is likely to worsen, the commander said in a telegram. He and other participants from Kiev briefed Western allies at a virtual meeting of the US-led Ukraine Contact Group earlier in the day.

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Syrskyj also provided information on a large number of Russian airstrikes against the country's energy infrastructure. Ukraine urgently and urgently needs missiles, ammunition, military equipment and combat technology for its defense. He once again thanked the United States for its assistance. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced on Friday that the US wants to provide US$6 billion (€5.6 billion) worth of additional weapons and support.

Russian armed forces said on Saturday they had penetrated deep into the defenses of the Ukrainian army after seizing separate towns in the Donetsk region. Unable to verify information. However, Western military experts have also recently attested to individual tactical victories for Russian troops.

30 Russian team wins in one week

According to the ministry in Moscow, the Russian armed forces have carried out more than 30 group attacks against Ukraine in the past week. Attacks on energy plants, defense plants and railway infrastructure are a reaction to attacks on goods in Russia. According to reports, Russian air defense intercepted more than 1,600 Ukrainian drone strikes within a week.

Ukraine has repeatedly inflicted serious damage on its neighbors with drone strikes. An oil refinery in Krasnodar Territory was attacked on Saturday and had to temporarily stop some of its operations after the fire. The Ukrainian Energy Ministry said a bitumen plant and a military airfield were also hit on the Russian side. This has not been officially confirmed.

Five people were injured in the Russian region of Belgorod, which borders Ukraine, according to officials. A drone crashed into a village street and exploded, damaging three cars and injuring its occupants. (APA/dpa)

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