“Spiegel”: Sellner wanted in Germany

According to “Spiegel” information, German police allegedly secretly advertised Austrian right-wing extremist Martin Sellner as a wanted man. According to “Spiegel”, Sellner will be threatened with deportation if he re-enters the country.

The report added, “Already that week the police had made a relevant entry in an internally searched database. If the traveler is checked by authorities at the border, he may be denied further travel after consultation with Federal Police Headquarters.

Statement: The vendor intends to proceed against the entry ban

According to “Spiegel”, Sellner announced on his Telegram channel that he would take legal action against being banned from entering Germany. “I'm definitely not canceling my upcoming appointments in Germany because of this,” the 35-year-old wrote.

In addition, according to the report, the city of Potsdam is studying with other authorities in Brandenburg and at the federal level whether to issue a formal entry ban against Sellner. “Spiegel” writes that this should be imposed by the immigration authorities in Potsdam. Before that, however, Sellner must be questioned by the German authorities.

The occasion was a meeting of top representatives of the far-right and far-right extremist scene last November near Potsdam, Germany. AfD and CDU members and Sellner were there.

At the heart of the meeting is a “master plan” to deport millions of foreigners and people with German passports from Germany en masse, according to research site Corrective. The statement sparked protests in several cities in Germany and, more recently, Austria.

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