“Press Hour”: Nehammer defends plans, attacks Giggle

The fact that his plan lacks concrete calculations and figures for counter-funding means that the implementation of these measures requires negotiations and requires a coalition partner after the election. Only then can concrete percentages be set; Nothing else would be serious, Nehammer said “at press time.”

When asked, however, he did not want to engage in specific figures: In general, we should “move away from subsidies”. Reducing this could create an opportunity to invest in the budget – specifically, he noted, short-term work and allowances created in the wake of the CoV pandemic.

Nehhammer defends the “Austrian Plan”.

Federal Chancellor and ÖVP federal party leader Karl Nehhammer defended his “Austria Plan” at ORF “press time”.

In addition, tax reduction and deregulation will generate more tax revenue as it will stimulate growth and investment in Austria. Finally, measures against “immigration in the social system” will lead to reduced spending there. “If I add it all up, I have my counter-funding.” It should not be forgotten that all measures do not take effect immediately, but only gradually – just like their counter-funds.

“Gickle radicalized himself and the party with it”

In view of the upcoming National Council elections in the autumn, Nehhammer again rejected an alliance with the FPÖ under Herbert Kiegle. “Kickl has radicalized and the party has changed with it.” The president said that if there is a change in the leader, the party will also change. “Each party has the potential for a self-cleaning process.” When Gigl asked if he was a right-wing extremist, Nehammer replied: “Yes, definitely in his statements.”

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“Anyone who likes lists drawn up in a democracy doesn't understand democracy,” said Nehamer. At the FPÖ New Year's reception in Styria, Gicl said about the coronavirus pandemic, “The long-cherished list of fugitives from responsibility, Nehhammer, Rauch, Edstadler, Koegler, Schallenberg …”. Nehammer said that democracy is about reaching out to each other.

“Right-Wing Extremist”: Nehammer Attacks Giggle

In Sunday's ORF “press time” ÖVP boss Nehammer hit out at FPÖ boss Herbert Kiklik.

Nehhammer was “absolutely terrified” of the giggle, FPÖ General Secretary Christian Hafeneker responded in a broadcast. “We all know he's a permanent member of the ÖVP's 'I'm so afraid of the Herbert Gikl self-help group', but Nehhammer doesn't have to impress the audience with this 'endless road-hanging feat'. Bother.”

Nehhammer against bringing about National Council elections

Nehamar rejected the idea of ​​bringing forward the upcoming National Council elections in the fall. “I rule out new elections in the spring.” However, he will not form a government alone, but rather together with the Green Party. “If I decide for myself, we'll vote in September,” Nehammer said. His speech in Wells on Friday in which he presented the “Austrian Plan” did not contradict this. He got his chance earlier in the year to show what he means. “I think it's good to set milestones.”

Secretary-General Olga Voglauer addressed Nehhammer against early elections for the Greens: “A lot more can be achieved between now and September,” she said on the ORF program “Hohes House”. For the EU elections, the chancellor avoided setting a percentage target for her party “at press time”. Instead, his election goal should come first. The same applies to research quotas in the EU comparison.

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Awaiting climate protection law: “high priority”

There are further differences between the Greens and the ÖVP over climate protection legislation. The former should set concrete reduction targets. But this could have a negative impact on investments in Austria, the chancellor said. In general, he describes the law as “highly symbolic” and “highly significant”. Much has already been achieved in terms of climate protection; He mentioned CO2 pricing and the Renewable Heat Act as examples.


APA journalist Susanne Puller and ORF presenter Tobias Pötzelsberger question ÖVP boss Nehhammer

According to Nehamer, the current terms for filling top posts are still unsatisfactory – most recently, due to a coalition dispute, the head of the Federal Administrative Court was not filled for 14 months and the best-ranked candidate was not elected until then. The current plan is to first refer the matter to the High Commission, which will make three proposals. But the decision rests with the government.

“I'll be the first to say it needs to be changed,” the Chancellor reiterated his position. Either call for tender, then decision by commission or political decision. The current “mixed ratio” must end.

The Chairman of the Finance Council is skeptical

Nehämmer's speech and his “Austrian Plan”, which he presented in Wells on Friday, have since drawn criticism and skepticism. Fiscal Council President Christoph Badelt missed measures for counter-funding in the Ö1 lunchtime magazine: “As president of the Fiscal Council, this worries me.” Nehhammer's proposals in his speech on Friday, such as reducing Badalt said wage labor costs and tax rates were not offset by any savings measures.

The SPÖ emphasized in a press release that the counter-funding was “dubious”: In contrast, when they proposed to pay nurses in training, they broke down the costs and also made a concrete proposal for counter-funding – namely millionaires' taxes, said Federal Executive Director Sandra Breiteneder.

Political scientist Peter Filsmeyer characterized Nehhammer's speech as political on ZIB2 on Friday. He sees two strategic goals associated with the “Austrian project,” as he puts it: “the battle of the principality” and—centrally—setting the title.

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