Mikl-Leitner: “The alliance with the FPÖ is not a model for a federal government”

The nine federal states have different government constellations and requirements, “but the situation at the federal level is different,” Mikl-Leitner said at ORF “press time” when asked about a possible coalition of the ÖVP and the FPÖ in the federal government. After the National Council elections. At the same time, he underlined the statement of the chancellor and ÖVP federal party leader Karl Nehammer that there would be no coalition between the ÖVP and Herbert Kickl.

Gikl is a security risk considering his tenure as home minister. “Where he eventually breached state security, we had difficulties working with other secret services, and he has a different understanding of democracy,” Mickle-Leitner explained. As Home Secretary, Gigl showed “it can't be done”. The Lower Austrian governor said that the ÖVP has clarity on the matter, but the SPÖ does not. However, he did not rule out general cooperation with the FPÖ.

For her party, Mikl-Leitner was optimistic about both the EU and National Council elections: “I think the chances of a good result remain.” Nehammer praised him as a politician, saying he was the perfect president and leader of the party. The same applies after the People's Party's poor performance in the EU elections. “No matter how the elections go: Karl Nehhammer will be the leader of the federal party.” For the National Council elections, Mikl-Leitner expected the election campaign to start after the summer – “now it seems”.

Asylum: Asylum seekers need protection, not money

The ÖVP's proposal to introduce a payment card for asylum seekers and thereby switch entirely to benefits instead of cash has recently been politically debated. Among other things, aid organizations criticize the fact that asylum seekers in Austria receive very little money anyway. Mikl-Leitner recently suggested that Lower Austria could take a pioneering role when it comes to payment cards. Asked about the purpose of such a card, Mikl-Leitner said that 60 percent of people arriving in Europe have no reason to seek asylum.

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Johanna Mikl-Leidner (R.) in conversation with Simone Striebl (ORF) and Gerald Reitman on “Vorarlberger Nachrichten”

“I think when someone is looking for security, it doesn't matter to them whether they ultimately receive benefits in cash or in kind. I think one thing is undeniable. Those who come to us in Austria seeking protection or in need of protection will also get this protection,” the governor said. Security seekers seek security, not money. “Because if they're looking for money, I'm telling you, they belong to a group that we need to look out for and don't want to look out for.”

The corona fund in Lower Austria was also discussed. Mickle-Leitner said the corona will further divide society, so it's important to her to bridge the divides and make this funding available to everyone. The fact that the ÖVP and FPÖ have implemented a gender mandate in Lower Austria is related to the fact that there has been “a lot of uncertainty within the administration” in recent years. Official recommendations were followed here; It was important to her that the female form was also used in national service.

When it comes to expanding kindergarten care in Lower Austria, the governor stressed that he is in “daily contact with the communities”. Mikl-Leitner spoke of a “huge mission for communities.” Especially for children aged 0 to 3 years, the childcare coverage level is 30 percent. The aim is to increase this rate in the future by allowing children in Lower Austria to attend kindergarten from the age of two.

Mikl-Leitner wants to make lending easier

When it comes to inflation, Mikl-Leitner wants to campaign to loosen lending guidelines as part of state governors' conventions. From August 2022, home or apartment borrowers, among others, had to provide more of their own funds. Mikl-Leitner, who has already criticized this several times, insists that the relevant provision should be deleted.

“If nothing changes here soon, the Financial Market Supervisory Authority will have to accept the blame for the massive collapse in the construction industry. “He must bear the blame for the unemployment in construction and the fact that many youths can no longer fulfill their dream of owning a house,” the state governor said. When asked why they have not intervened more strongly with EVN and higher energy prices, Mikl-Leitner said: “The law must be the law.” He pointed out that as an owner you are not allowed to interfere in the operational business. A listed company. Instead, comrades were helped during the crisis with electricity price reductions and heating cost subsidies.

Review from SPÖ and NEOS

In a reaction, SPÖ state party leader Sven Herkovich said, “State governor Mikl-Leitner is completely passive and watching the price rise. At “press time” he has not presented any ideas about how he intends to fight inflation. Mikl said that he cannot do anything about the business operating at EVN. -Herkovic criticized what Leitner said, “even if the country is the majority owner. “Hundreds of thousands of customers facing astronomical EVN bills cannot believe their luck – because of this completely passive policy of black and blue,” said the SPÖ state party leader.

The ÖVP is now a blueprint for the FPÖ and is indistinguishable from it. Because Mickle-Leitner does not have positive views of the country and its people. He is losing much of the future of Lower Austria. His ÖVP is engaged in complete denial of reality.

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