Gaza Strip: UN Call for Ceasefire Plan Security Council –

“Today we voted for peace,” US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield said after the vote. The radical Islamist group Hamas was asked to accept the deal. He welcomed the resolution in an initial statement and promised to work with mediators to implement the plan. However, the positive response did not formally adopt the proposed multi-level scheme.

The article supports Biden’s plan to end the conflict in Gaza in three phases. The resolution, under international law, declares that Israel accepts the plan and calls on the Islamist Hamas to do the same. He urged all concerned to implement the plan “without delay and without conditions”.

Three phases in detail

An ambitious draft agreement presented by Biden in late May initially calls for a complete and unrestricted ceasefire for six weeks. During this period, a certain group of hostages will be released. In return, Palestinians imprisoned in Israel would be freed.

In the next phase, the fighting will cease permanently and the remaining hostages will be released. According to the draft, the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip should begin in the final phase.

50 days in Hamas rule

ZIB2 speaks with the sister of a freed Hamas hostage.

EU chief diplomat Joseph Borrell said the EU is calling for the plan to be implemented immediately. The international community fully supports the detailed roadmap presented by Biden, the foreign representative confirmed.

The Security Council adheres to the two-state solution

In the resolution that has just been passed, the UN has committed to a two-state solution where Israel and the Palestinians can live side by side in peace. To achieve this, reunification of the West Bank and Gaza under the leadership of the Palestinian Authority is essential. The Israeli government has now vehemently denied this.

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For the eleventh time since the war in Gaza began, the UN Only four proposed resolutions were passed.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

APA/AFP/Us State Department/Chuck Kennedy

The US Secretary of State winked at Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Blinken urges truce with Netanyahu

U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in Jerusalem, and the U.S. and world leaders were behind Biden’s plan to end the war in Gaza, the State Department announced Monday.

It said approval of the proposal would lead to a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and the release of all hostages, as well as a significant and sustained increase in humanitarian aid to the coastal enclave. “The current proposal opens up the possibility of peace on Israel’s northern border and further integration with regional countries,” Blinken stressed in the conversation.

Blinken plans to visit Israel, Jordan and Qatar by Wednesday as part of his Middle East trip. Before that he was in Egypt. Israel and Hamas do not negotiate directly. The United States, Egypt and Qatar act as mediators.

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