Apple’s developer conference is dedicated to AI

At this year’s developer conference, Apple unveiled the much-anticipated new artificial intelligence (AI) features. “Apple Intelligence” is deeply embedded in the operating systems for iPhone, Mac and iPad and is available for many applications, Apple’s chief software developer Craig Federighi said in an online presentation today.

Apple’s AI expert Kelsey Peterson said that Siri will be enhanced with AI functions. Siri can also control personal projects and perform tasks independently. For example, you can edit photos using voice commands and add a friend’s new address to your contact details directly from the chat app.

The company has been using AI for years, but mostly in the background. For example, it is used to ensure that the Apple Watch detects drops and accidents. Apple has been reluctant to use generative AI like ChatGPT and has therefore lagged behind in recent months.

ChatGPT also comes on Apple devices

However, during the developer conference, a partnership between Apple and OpenAI was announced. In addition to the built-in AI models, users of Apple devices can access ChatGPT from OpenAI if they wish.

For example, Federici explained that Siri could suggest that the chatbot respond to a chatbot query if it thinks it has better information about it.

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