A friend of mine sent me a photo of the new toilets at the Malta International Airport (MIA) located between the Arrival Gates and the escalator to Baggage Reclaim.  At first I did not understand why she sent me the photo.  Then she explained to me what was wrong.

Toilet seats may or may not be purchased together with the toilet bowl.  When the toilet seat is not purchased together with the toilet bowl, there are three specific dimensions which should match between the toilet bowl and the toilet seat.  The dimensions which must match are the following and correspond to the diagram below:

  • A: The distance between post holes at the back of the seat
  • B: Width of the bowl at its broadest part
  • C: The length between the centre front of the toilet bowl and midway between the post holes.



The photo of the MIA toilet bowl and seat clearly shows that the toilet bowl is the typical D-shaped bowl and is equipped with a D-shaped toilet seat.  The toilet seat however, although D-shaped like the toilet bowl, is too short for the toilet bowl.  The length between the centre front of the toilet and the post holes is incorrect.  As a result, the toilet seat is about 5cm shorter than the toilet bowl.  This should not be the case.  The toilet seat should fit the dimensions of the toilet bowl.  Otherwise, it is not comfortable to sit on and moreover, can cause injury to the user.


Who prepared the technical specifications for the tender issued for these works???

Was a tender issued?

Who checked the works?

Who certified the works?

Accepting such works means that either the person responsible for checking and certifying the works is incompetent or that such person deliberately turned a blind eye for good reason!


MIA officials do not even manage to get a toilet seat right.  This is gross incompetence.

Referring to a toilet seat might sound futile to many or might be taken lightly.  However, this is the symptom which has invaded this country where incompetence is accepted as the norm.  Incompetence is also justified and covered up.  This is unacceptable.  One wonders what else there is going on which is securely being hidden away.