The Sirtaki alliance wants to rule Innsbruck with this team

On April 28, he was expelled from the ÖVP Johannes Ansengruber (JA) In Innsbruck, a mayoral runoff election against the previous mayor Incumbent George Willey (Greens) A clear winner. Two-and-a-half weeks later, the sensational winner formed a coalition, leading his list established a few months earlier to second place in the local council elections. Government team together.

On Wednesday evening they… The Greens unanimously accepted the agreement with Anzengruber and the SPÖ. The groups of the Social Democrats unanimously approved it on Tuesday. After Anzengruber was already at his election party with Willy and SPÖ frontwoman Elli Mayr Sirtaki who danced Expect a three-party alliance.

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KURIER announced the alliance’s determination on Wednesday evening. The Official confirmation – All three coalition partners pledged secrecy during the talks – which took place only on Thursday afternoon, after Anzengruber At 11 am the result was announced to all other Municipal Council parties was

The FPÖ and ÖVP coalition has no sector

He had repeatedly insisted earlier… Engage resistance And want to reach the widest possible majority. The Sirtaki Alliance is formed 22 out of 40 orders. What was already obvious is now fixed. FPÖ and ÖVP coalition “New Innsbruck”, each entitled to one city council seat according to proportional representation. No fields will be allocated.

This is what the three-party government wants Works in City Administration Split:

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Positions in City Senate Anzengruber’s list is yes Of course, he would be the mayor and second on the list Mariella Lutz Clothing. With him, the 44-year-old split from the ÖVP last autumn, which rejected then-deputy mayor Anzengruber as a top candidate.

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The new city boss was satisfied with the negotiations: “The conversations were characterized by mutual appreciation, objectivity and a willingness to believe in cooperation. We have agreed to work together towards a greater goal. Better for the cause and the people To give to this town”

The boss takes care of it

He clearly takes the agenda for it Human Resources, Finance and Investments city. In addition to multiple responsibilities, Anzengruber will also be responsible for departments Sports, Health, Safety and Events, Fire Brigade, Forest and Nature Responsible.

Lutz will do City Councilor for Economic AffairsAmong others, Civil Engineering – Central Department in construction projects.

The Greens are made up of former mayors George Willey And second on his list Janine Becks Govt Committee

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Willy He had campaigned for this coalition before the failed election and named it the “Caprese” coalition after the party colors of Green, Red and White (JA). He now takes Auxiliary chair next to Anzengruber Where he was Willie’s deputy until forced out of this position by his former party.

He has been the city manager for the past six years as First Deputy Mayor City Councilor for Culture and CommunityBut also for home service Allotment of housing Responsible.

Bex Rises – formerly on the local council and sometime leader of the Green Party – rises City Councilor for Transport (Movement), Urban Planning and Coordination.

Mayor became 2nd Deputy Mayor

In the SPÖ, city council member Ellie Meyer, who led her party as a mayoral candidate in the local council elections, continues her government duties.

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She will continue to do so Councilor for Education To do and so is Responsible for childcare and schooling. She had to hand the game over to the mayor. Other responsibilities include:
Children, youth and generations.

That’s it ÖVP coalition Von Florian Tursky No authority Received for City Council post allotted in this list Turmoil within the party “New Innsbruck” explained. It said these “cannot be seen as signs of stability”. This was agreed upon in the alliance after serious deliberation.

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And the The FPÖ city councilor will not hold any office. The decision was made “after long deliberations”. Two non-executive city councilors receive lower salaries.

Friday at 2 p.m Constituent meeting of the new local council. On top of that Agenda This includes determining the number of Seats in City Senate – Perhaps there will be seven as before – as well Election of two mayoral representatives.

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