Zelensky vs. Saluzhny: Why should the military leader go?

The impeachment of Valery Zalushny was preceded by conflict between the presidency and the military leadership, which damaged Ukraine's reputation. Opinions about the new commander Sirsky are divided. Will Sirsky have more success? The initial stage is difficult.

Discharge is civilized. The Ukrainian commander-in-chief was farewelled with a handshake and words of thanks by President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Thursday. The two are smiling together in a photo released by the President's office. Head-high Salushni makes her fingers a symbol of victory. “Thank you Salushni for two years of protection,” says the president. The idea was to create an orderly exit image for the public. Ukrainian media recently reported that the general accepted his dismissal internally.

There has been speculation for weeks about the transfer fee. The relationship between the two was severely damaged and the conflict never subsided. The difficult situation at the front repeatedly threatened to give fresh fuel to the dispute. The leadership's “cover-ups” are not good for Ukraine's international reputation. Zelensky's decision was almost inevitable. Had Salushni been in office, it would have inevitably made the head of state look weak. It was Thursday evening The relevant decree Published.

More politics in the military in the future?

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