Winds peak at 100 km/h: Storm calls for fire brigades in Lower Austria

Emergency services had to go out on 85 trips. In Wiener Neudorf, parts of a billboard fell onto the highway. In Vienna, Schönbrunn Palace Park is partially closed.

A series of storms caused 85 fire brigade operations in Lower Austria on Monday afternoon. Emergency services had to evacuate in all areas. As Klaus Stiebel from the Lower Austria regional command reported, the districts of Baden and Mödling were particularly affected. The Wiener Neudorf Volunteer Fire Department conducted a delicate operation there.

The Shopping City Suite (SCS) billboard came loose due to gusts of up to 105 kmph. Parts of it fell on the Southern Motorway (A2). The sign was finally secured using tension straps as wind speed made removal impossible. Assistants were particularly challenged in the area around Vienna. More than 20 deployments have been made since Sunday afternoon in the Baden district alone.

In Gottingbrunn, the sheet metal roof of a car workshop with an area of ​​about 400 square meters was covered during the night. Individual components were thrown onto nearby streets and into a neighboring company building, according to county ordinance. In Berndorf, a driver crashed his car into a tree on the B212. The car was damaged, the driver was uninjured. The Mödling Volunteer Fire Department also reported fallen trees, loose banners and loose roof metal parts.

Schönbrunn Palace Park is partially closed

The Vienna professional fire brigade, on the other hand, recorded only a “slightly increased number of operations,” said spokesman Juergen Figerl. In Meidling, a tin roof partially came off at Michel-Bernhard-Gass around 5:30 am. Firefighters made it safe. At Schönbrunn, the area near the Gloriette in the palace park was closed for safety reasons due to stormy weather. Access to the Tirolerhof is also affected, according to the zoo. The side entrance of the zoo was closed all day on Monday, while other entrances were unaffected.

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The strongest wind peak in Austria in the last 24 hours was measured in Semmering/Sonwendstein. According to Geosphere Austria, it was 139.3 km/h on Monday morning, compared to the previous day's high of 153.7 km/h. As of 10 a.m. on Monday, 135 km/h was recorded in Furkogel in Upper Austria, 124.6 km/h in Sonnblick in Salzburg and 118.4 km/h in Kolnbreensber in Carinthia.

The stormiest place at 1000 meters below sea level is the Jubilee Observatory in Vienna, with gusts of 115.9 km/h. Behind them were five places in Lower Austria with peak winds of 100 km/h. In contrast, Vienna city center (96.8 km/h) and Eisenstadt (95.8 km/h) were only in the double-digit range. (APA)

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