William & Kate's common ancestor: The turbulent life of the “unfortunate countess”.

Prince William And Princess Catherine have a common ancestor: Mary Eleanor Bowes, Georgiana was one of England's most notorious and brilliant women with a scandalous history of social disgrace. He came from a rich heir Sir Thomas Blakiston Conyers ab, direct ancestor of Catherine and the late Queen Mother.

The eventful life of Mary Eleanor Bowes

Despite her wealth and prominent position in society, Mary engaged in extramarital affairs, performed illegal abortions, and married an evil virgin artist who kidnapped her when she tried to control him and leave him. So it's no wonder Mary Eleanor worships loudly Daily Mail Known as the “Unhappy Countess”.

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Mary Eleanor Bowes was born on February 24, 1749, an only child Sir George Bowes and his second wife Mary was born It is this same wealthy Bowes family that eventually joins the noble family Lyons to unite from Scotland and Elizabeth Bowes LyonKing's wife George VI., later she became known as the Queen Mother. Thus there were bows The Lyons, as they were later called, were direct ancestors König Charles III..

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Her father supported Mary's education, and by the age of four the girl was able to read fluently. He later developed into an accomplished linguist. When she was eleven, her father died and Mary became the richest heiress in Britain. Mary got married on her 18th birthday John Lyon, 9th Earl of Strathmore, was the owner of the Queen Mother's childhood home, Glamis Castle. At just 27, Mary was a widow and mother of five children. At the time of her husband's death, Mary was also named after her lover George Gray Pregnant, made a fortune with the East India Company. Mary refused to marry Gray because it would cost her her title. She drank “some sort of potion with black ink” and induced a miscarriage. However, Mary continued the affair, becoming pregnant again and having two more miscarriages.

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Mary was pregnant for the fourth time and finally resigned herself to marrying Gray – after which her life took another turn.

Although she was engaged to Grey, she was killed by a cunning adventurer Andrew Stoney Enchanter. Although he was actually a lieutenant, he called himself Captain Stoney. In 1777, Stoney forced Mary to marry him, took her fortune, and abused her physically and mentally for eight years before she managed to escape.

But her ordeal was far from over, for when Mary filed for divorce in 1785, she was kidnapped by Stoney. He threatened to rape and kill her while taking her on horseback before being arrested. Eventually, Mary's tormentor was sentenced to three years in prison. Both her trial and divorce case attracted much attention and were the talk of 18th-century London. Mary went down in history as the first woman to divorce and keep her land.

After the divorce, Mary got involved For local charities, he ran greenhouses as an amateur botanist on the Kippside estate and at his London home. She ordered exotic plants from around the world. From the surgeon and teacher Jesse Cal She became louder Daily Mail Described as “the most brilliant botanist of his time”. Mary Bowes died on April 28, 1800 and was buried in Westminster Abbey.

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