Viennese followed for four years: the 57-year-old

The man lost two jobs because of the harassment and had to go undercover at night. Since then, he has suffered from anxiety and depression. The girl initially put the actions into perspective.

For four years, a woman was very persistent in her pursuit of a Viennese servant. As a result, he lost two jobs and had to go through a dressing and piercing surgery. This stress has already reached the point where he is sick. On Thursday, the woman was conditionally admitted to a forensic treatment center under strict conditions. The decision is not over yet.

The 57-year-old has already been charged with stalking twice and had to serve a prison sentence once. Two months after his release in November 2021, he tried to contact the 59-year-old again. She called him, knocked on his door or sat on the bench in front of his apartment. A coffee house in the city center, where he worked, tried to be close to him until he was banned from the premises by the local owner. Then she tried to reach him on the phone. Call data collection shows that he called the coffee house 280 times from about March 1 to April 17, 2022.

“I was ready”

The 59-year-old left his job and moved to another district. The movers were ordered at night so that the woman would not notice him going out. He could not sleep without medication, isolated himself at home, stopped leaving the house, and did not communicate with his circle of friends. “I'm done with a word,” said the man on the witness stand.

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But the 57-year-old found the employee at his new workplace, and the pursuit resumed. Posing as his accomplice at the placement service, the woman canceled the appointments in his name. He also intercepted letters from the pension insurance company to find out where he would end his treatment due to his psychological stress.

The woman calls the man her “arch enemy”.

In May 2023, the woman was arrested following a fresh complaint by the employee and has been in custody ever since. In Josefstadt prison, he was examined by a psychiatrist who certified him as mentally incompetent due to a delusional disorder and schizophrenic psychosis. So the State Attorney's Office requested that he be admitted to the Forensic Treatment Center.

Although the victim announced that he would give a detailed confession before the trial began, he re-examined his actions as the trial progressed. She happened to appear at the employer's home or workplace.

She described the man as her “arch enemy” because he allegedly took €15,000 from her after the deaths of her parents and her partner, which the man vehemently denied. Her frequent calls to the coffee house were because she believed his peers would “talk him out of his conscience.” “A seasoned man will not allow himself to be so intimidated by a woman with a cane,” he said. It also ruined her life. She never consciously approached the man; The encounters were all by chance.

Very dangerous without medicine

After consulting with her lawyer, she said: “I want to correct myself and I reached out to him emotionally.” She contacted him almost every day. She initially had a relationship with him, but it was nothing sexual. She met the employee several times privately and he also refused. “But now I don't want anything to do with him,” said the woman.

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The psychiatrist explained that the woman in custody is now being injected with Depo. She is responding well to this medication. However, their insight into crime is still superficial and their insight into illness is diminished. Without the medicine, she would appear very dangerous again. That is why he built the conditional accommodation with strict conditions.

Complete ban on communication

There is a complete ban on communication with the employee. If she ignores this, she will be immediately taken into custody. Had the woman been sane, her actions would have been regarded as continuing harassment and grievous bodily harm – and the 59-year-old has since suffered from depression and anxiety disorders. (APA)

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