Vertical tabs can be tested in Firefox Nightly

Vertical tabs are one of the most loved features by Firefox users. Firefox Nightly users can now test the activation early.

Vertical tabs in a browser means that tabs are displayed side by side instead of being displayed in a bar at the top of the window. The advantages on the one hand are better utilization of available space and the ability to display more tabs simultaneously.

Among the most loved features of Mozilla’s social platform Mozilla Connect Vertical tabs are third, and I reported in April that Mozilla was working on integrating this feature into Firefox. A person who uses one Night-edition Firefox’s initial implementation can now be tested.

To activate it, you need to change two switches via about:config and restart Firefox or at least open a new window. The corresponding options are invoked sidebar.revamp as well as sidebar.verticalTabs and can be accessed by double-clicking them true to set up.

Important: As already mentioned, it is still implemented in advance. This means that the current state does not represent the final result functionally or in terms of design. If you want, you can work with it now and monitor the progress in the coming weeks.

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