Thunderstorm warning for Tyrol | The country is Tyrol

Weather warning “orange” from Geosphere Austria

  • Main affected areas: areas north of the Inn Valley and the greater Wörgl-Kufstein-Fieberbrunn-Hochfilzen area
  • Note the behavioral instructions

Geosphere Austria is issuing a Thunderstorm Warning (Alert Level “Orange”, Level 3 of 4) from today, Saturday afternoon until tomorrow night, Sunday. According to current forecasts, storms with heavy rain, hail and tornadoes are expected, especially in the northern parts of the Inn Valley and the greater Wörgl-Kufstein-Fieberbrunn-Hochfilzen area. But according to weather models, thunderstorms are also possible in other parts of Tyrol.

“Potential hazards during thunderstorms include falling branches Or. Falling trees. There is also an increased risk of accidents in road transport – for example, due to strong crosswinds or aquaplaning and poor visibility. So, keep a close eye on local weather developments and act accordingly,” it urges Elmer RizzoliThe head of the Tyrolean Center for Crisis and Disaster Management further explains: “Thunderstorms can lead to local power outages, road closures or delays and cancellations in public transport.”

behavioral patterns

  • Watch for local weather developments, watch out for the risk of lightning, and expect rapid developments and changes in the path of thunderstorms!
  • Protect movable outdoor items (like party tents, trampolines or garden furniture) in good time! Put away the parasols and bring back the awnings!
  • Plan for road, rail and air travel delays!
  • Close windows, doors and garage doors and skylights and skylights!
  • Expect temporary power outages!
  • Stay outside in good time!
  • Pay attention to thunderstorm and storm warnings on the lakes!

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