This is what the weather looks like on Monday – 5 minutes

Posted on January 7, 2024 at 9:20 pm
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Photo from shows the snowy landscape in Bad Gastein, Salzburg.

Austrians will enjoy a chilly start to the week on Monday. Temperatures will stay below freezing in most areas, and some places may even start with snow.

Van Philip Plattner

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It will be cloudy at the start of Monday, especially in the northern part of the Alps, but there will be more snow in some areas – especially in the north, east and generally in some traffic areas. “However, in the south, the day is mostly without precipitation. Little by little it relaxes. Then the sun appears temporarily, especially in the west and southwest. The wind blows weak to moderate, fast and strong in the east and southeast and icy cold from northwest to northeast,” says Geosphere Austria.

Favorable temperatures mainly in the south

But be careful: there is a risk of snow, especially in eastern exposures. In the morning the temperature reaches from minus 9 to minus 1 degree, in the afternoon you have to do from minus 6 to plus 2 degrees, although positive temperatures are often reached in the south.

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