The list shows the world's healthiest vegetables – it's number 1

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In one study, several foods were examined for their nutritional value. The result: The unexpected vegetable is considered particularly healthy and nutritious.

A food is considered healthy if it provides essential nutrients to our body. What's particularly healthy for you will always vary from person to person—after all, there are tolerances and allergies—but one study set out to determine the healthiest foods (you can find more consumer news here). According to the list, healthy vegetables include:

World's Healthiest Foods – Scientific Rankings

To find out which foods are healthy, researcher Jennifer De Noya put their nutrients and calories in a ratio. The ranking is based on how much of a nutrient, such as vitamin A, B12 or fiber, is in as few calories as possible.

The result is often surprising – this fruit is the healthiest fruit on the list. 41 foods were examined in this study. Although only seven types of fruits make the list, vegetables dominate the top spots.

What is the best vegetable in the world?

Top of the list of healthy vegetables – drumstick – watercress! Warning: Although watercress is a popular culinary herb, it is different from the equally popular garden cress, which does not make the list of healthiest vegetables. Watercress or Watercress is in some ways ahead.

It is the only vegetable to score 100 when measuring nutrient and calorie content, so it contains 100 percent of the recommended daily dose of 17 tested nutrients per 100 calories. In comparison: in second place, Chinese cabbage occupies, reaching a value of only 91.99, while the other three vegetables are close to the value of 90.

What is watercress?

If you're not familiar with watercress, this plant has a pungent and slightly spicy flavor similar to garden cress. It is suitable for potato dishes, egg dishes and salads. Watercress is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C and E and minerals such as iron, iodine and calcium.

Another benefit of the vegetable: cress is a wintergreen, meaning it can be harvested in the cold season. However, if you want to grow it yourself, you need to make sure that the plant needs a lot of moisture. This plant is considered a real medicinal plant, it is used in natural medicine and stimulates appetite and improves metabolism.

Watercress in a box, a study made the list of healthiest foods that brings this vegetable to number 1.
It's confusingly similar to the most well-known garden cress: watercress. According to a study, the vegetable is considered to be the healthiest food in the world. © Marina Saprunova/

List shows healthy vegetables

Anyone who guessed what other vegetables are on the list will be surprised. You will search in vain for famous classics like celery or cucumber. On the contrary, the first places are mainly occupied by leafy vegetables such as chard (2nd place), chicory (6th place) and rocket (18th place). Dandelion leaves also appear at number 16 in the ranking.

At the bottom of the list of healthiest vegetables are turnips (37th place), leeks (39th place) and sweet potatoes (40th place). Of course, this still does not mean anything bad, on the contrary. Three vegetables are still among the 41 healthiest foods in the world! There are others who rank even higher. These are 10 healthy vegetables:

  • 1st Place: Watercress
  • 2nd place: Chinese cabbage
  • 3rd Place: Chart
  • 4th place: Beet leaf
  • 5th place: Lettuce
  • Flats 6: Chicory
  • 7th place: Leaf lettuce
  • 8th place: Parsley
  • Flats 9: Romaine Salad
  • 10th Place: Kale
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What is important for a healthy diet?

But other foods are also considered very healthy. According to experts, olive oil is said to prevent strokes and heart attacks. But fatty acids, for example from fish, butter or nuts, are also important. Legumes like lentils are a good source of protein. But oats are considered a true superfood — and that's what happens when you eat them every day. (paw)

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