The central government has spent significantly more money in the first quarter than in the previous year

12.4 per cent increase, primarily due to adjustment of subsidies and maintenance allowance in the power sector

From January to March 2024, the central government has spent significantly more than the comparable period of the previous year. As current data from the Ministry of Finance shows, money in the first quarter was 28.9 billion euros and 12.4 percent more than in 2023. The increase resulted from actions in areas such as climate, environment and energy and health. Finance Minister Magnus Bruner (ÖVP) referred to investments that had already been decided.

Expansion of renewables

According to the Ministry of Finance, 0.7 billion euros more was spent in the environmental sector, especially for expansion. Renewable energy sources. Im Hygiene Expenditures increased by 0.6 billion euros, primarily to strengthen the inpatient and outpatient hospital sectors. The area of ​​federal assets increased by 0.4 billion euros, incl Electricity cost subsidy.

Value of Care Allowance

In addition, around 0.3 billion euros were overpaid in the care area, primarily Value of care allowance and cost of living and housing expenses for special allowances according to the Compensation Act and area of ​​work. A further 0.3 billion euros led to additional payments in the field of national security for investments and pensions for civil servants due to pension adjustments in 2024.

€0.4 billion less each due to the end of the special purpose grant to the states for housing and heating subsidies and lower refinancing costs from central government.

Higher unemployment insurance payments

Federal government deposits amount to 20.8 billion euros and remain at a similar level to the comparable period in 2023. The slightly positive growth (1.1 percent) was primarily due to higher unemployment insurance contributions and positive deposits. Interest rates on federal monetary assessments and returns related to EU funds.

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“The payments for the first quarter of 2024 reflect our commitment to important areas such as climate protection, health and care,” Brunner commented on the figures.

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