Storm Ticker: County of Gunsburg declares disaster

8:46 pm: Stormy conditions are worsening in Lindau district

The situation has worsened due to flooding in Lindau district due to heavy rains. According to district administrator Elmar Stegmann (CSU), the focus is on the urban area of ​​Lindau. Many streets are closed. In some places there was up to 20 cm of water. Over the course of the evening, Steckman spoke about more than 100 fire brigade operations. A house near the bank had to be evacuated. Electricity is cut off due to water coming from below. 34 residents are housed in the gymnasium overnight. A disaster is not declared early, Steckman said after an operational briefing at the district office. He said: “We think it’s more affordable at the moment.” However, all emergency services have been alerted and discussions are underway at the district office. The situation will continue to be monitored.

No one was injured so far, district fire official Wolfgang Endres said. According to him, as the focus is on Linda, other fire departments from the district have been called there to provide support. The special purpose association for emergency services and fire brigade warning in Algäu asked people in the urban area of ​​Lindau to stay at home. In the evening, the association issued a related message through the alert app “Nina”.

7.34 pm: Lindau: “Many sewers and cellars flooded”

The focus of operations in the area of ​​Swabia South/West Police Headquarters is currently in Lindau. According to police, several culverts, garages and basements were flooded. The Lindau 6 district road, which passes through a tunnel under the B31, is currently waist-deep in water. Public bus services in Linda were suspended as several manhole covers were blown away by the pressure of the water.

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7:07 pm: Disaster declared in Günzburg district

The Swabian district of Günzburg declared a disaster on Friday evening in view of the heavy rains and expected flooding. The district office said it would provide better support to affected towns and communities. This requires emergency services from across the district.

As a first step, camping and rest areas on the rivers Günz, Kammel and Mindel should be evacuated in the evening. “We are taking the situation very seriously,” said district administrator Hans Reichardt (CSU). “We want to make the most of the time we have until the flood reaches the Gunsburg district.”

As a precaution, an additional 15,000 sandbags were filled in the Gunsburg district. The district is in close contact with municipalities, local fire departments and THW.

The Water Management Office had already warned of flooding in Gunsburg district on Friday morning. Water levels of 3 to 4 in some places can even cause once-in-a-century floods. The city of Liepheim has closed the Danube waterways for safety reasons.

6.20 pm: Dillingen District Office may have to evacuate floodwaters

The Dillingen District Office expects floodwaters to be diverted down the so-called Rydstrom and cause major flooding in the Donarid as rain continues Saturday morning. The district office is currently expecting the Danube to start draining around 6am. First the diversion takes place into the riparian forest. Experience has shown that only then will the roads leading to the Danube bridges flood.

5:37 pm: DWD severe weather warning for parts of Lower Franconia

The German Weather Service (DWD) has issued a severe weather warning for large parts of Lower Franconia. Alert level 3 out of 4 currently applies to the city and district of Würzburg, the district of Kitzingen, the city and district of Schweinfurt and the district of Hasberg. DWD has warned that it will continue to rain here till Monday (June 3, 2024). Roads may be flooded and landslides may occur. “Strong thunderstorms with potential for severe weather” are possible locally on Saturday.

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Warning level 2 of 4 meters currently applicable to Aschaffenburg, Miltenberg district, Main-Spesschardt district, Bad Kissingen district and Rhône-Grapffeld district. According to DWD, isolated flooding is possible. Thunderstorms forecast for tomorrow may affect these areas as well.

5.30pm: New-Ulm is preparing to flood

The cities of Neu-Ulm and Ulm have announced conservation measures on the Danube and Iller rivers. As a precautionary measure, the closure of the Danube embankment between Sandstrasse and Illerspitze and the closure of the cycle path between Freudenegg and Illerspitze are currently being prepared on the Neu-Ulm side. In addition, according to the city, the Neu-Ulm construction site will immediately start with the construction of mobile flood protection elements in the area of ​​the Danube basin up to Sandstrasse. The Donaupath is closed on Saturday. The attached mobile home parking space will be cleared from 8pm tonight and therefore will not be accessible for the time being. The city recommends that owners of allotment gardens in the Koppenwörth area of ​​Neu-Ulm store the materials they store at a safe height in garden sheds or in the garden.

5.15pm: Kitzinger City Festival partially cancelled

The Kitzinger City Festival has been partially canceled due to weather. This Friday the project will go ahead as planned, says the homepage of the city of Kitzingen. However, the festival programs on Saturday and Sunday have been canceled due to the forecast of rain.

5:00 pm: Official warning of danger of Anspach in Central Franconia

The integrated control center in Ansbach (Middle Franconia) has issued an official hazard warning. Accordingly, the Rezatwiese parking lot (Rezatwiese East/Central/West) must be evacuated immediately due to severe flood risk. All vehicle owners should immediately remove their vehicles parked there! The Unified Control Center asks you to avoid the affected area, inform yourself about the situation in the media and follow the instructions of the emergency services.

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4:20 pm: Water patrol alerted

The Bavarian Red Cross (BRK) water rescue service is on high alert. A spokesman said there was an increased alert level 2 for water rescue trains in Swabia, Upper Bavaria, Middle and Upper Franconia. Low alert level 1 still applies to Lower Franconia, Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate.

A BRK spokesperson advised citizens to prepare for possible flooding. This includes considering where people and animals can be safely transported and, if necessary, consulting with neighboring countries. Cellars at risk can be cleaned as a precaution or protected with sandbags. People can prepare with food, drinking water and electricity.

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