State Opera Director Bogdan Roščić is “very relaxed” before this year's Opera Ball

Opening with Elena Karanka and Piotr Bexala shown in dress rehearsal for the first time.

Preparations for the Opera Ball at the Vienna State Opera are in full swing. It is changed, set, decorated and of course rehearsed. A grand dress-up ceremony for the inauguration took place on Wednesday evening.

In the middle of it all, of course, is the director of the State Opera Bogdan Rosick, who is responsible for the opening, is therefore particularly proud. “You want to show what's really going on here, what can be done at home, what's really going on in the other 300 evenings a year for an audience that doesn't go to the opera very often. And then rise to that level. “That's really something big,” he told the Courier.

After her first opera ball last year, she is “very relaxed” this year. And he loved state drama. “If you can really kick back – close the box door, close the curtain and press the glass with someone nice, that's wonderful. I'm looking forward to it again this year.”

The opera singer is a bit nervous Piotr Beczala Always with you. He is opening for the second time this year. This time he also sings along Elena Karanka. “You're always nervous doing this, but the second time you're a little more relaxed,” he said.

Later in the evening he would be drawn to the dance hall with his wife, Katarshina. “It's a little tight, I have to admit, but we'll definitely be doing some dancing,” he told the Courier.

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Things go smoothly for acquaintances. “They were very ambitious and motivated right from the start. We were happy with how light we could feel. We are confident in our debutants. They will pass brilliantly tomorrow and we are very happy,” said the choreographer. Maria Santner.

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