Special exhibition on the EU and European elections now in Parliament (PK0461/05/14/2024)

Vienna (PK) – National Council President Wolfgang Sobotka today opened a special exhibition related to the European Union with the European Union on June 9. Located in the visitor center of the parliament, the exhibition provides information about the European Union, how it works and its importance for Austria. Particular attention will be paid to the elections to the European Parliament. Visitors can view the special exhibition till June 10, 2024.

“Parliament is closely linked to Europe,” emphasized National Council President Wolfgang Sobotka at the opening. Sobotka said the exhibition was meant to show visitors the connection between the Austrian parliament and the European Union. Many people do not know that MEPs have the right to speak in Austrian parliamentary sessions or which European institutions are still important to our country. The Speaker of the National Assembly also noted the co-determination rights of national parliaments and the importance of parliamentary diplomacy.

The exhibition is complemented by the House of the European Union and explanatory videos, as well as an EU open access area in the Parliamentary Library. It aims to inform and sensitize a wider audience about the history, present and future of the relationship between Austria and the European Union. The special exhibition is part of the #MehralseinKreuzerl campaign, through which the parliament is taking several measures in the 2024 election year. (Conclusion) Kar

Note: Photographs of the exhibition opening ceremony can be found on the Parliament website.

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