“Space Snowman” Arrogoth tastes like sweet soap

In 2019, a NASA study conducted the study New horizons An unusual item. A formation consisting of a large and a small sphere was observed in the Kuiper Belt. The object reminded many of a snowman, which gave rise to the nickname.Space Snowman“Created.

It later turned out that the object was much flatter than expected. Snowman is shaped like a snowman PancakesA dented walnut was placed in it.

The official name of the item Arrogoth. has a diameter of 31,7 km. Despite many studies, it still presents conundrums. For example, why is that? rot There is Researchers may now have an answer to this – while also revealing what arogoth tastes like.


The solar wind bombards Arogoth

One theory is that coloration is due Radiation Relative in space. Cosmic rays and solar winds literally bombard Arogoth with no natural defenses against them. This will convert the ice into organic molecules, which will have a red color.

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To put this theory to the test, University of Hawaii researchers A Labor testing carried out. That’s what they have Ice cream from methanol and carbon monoxide, which is said to be Arrokoth.

Added ice cream High energy electrons Radiation. The dose was about equal 1.8 billion years ago space radiation. The simulated radiation triggered a series of chemical reactions in the ice.

Sugar formed in ice

This is how polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are formed (PAK), which are very common in space. However, it also emerged Glucose In the snow. It is one of the most common types of sugar on earth, including glucose or dextrose.

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And rare sugar Set aside was created Glycerin. Glycerin is often used on earth in the production of soaps and shower gels – and is part of the typical soapy taste when some is put in the mouth. So if you ever have the pleasure of licking Arrogoth, he probably will Sweet and soapy Good taste.

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Red colour

If you look at the combination of PAHs and sugar from space or space, it will be there rot appears. This experiment explained not only the taste of arrowroot, but also its color.

Such sugars from the Kuiper Belt may have affected our planet early in Earth’s history. If they did, they would have brought not only water but also PAHs and sugars to Earth. These can Food for molecules Life then evolved from Earth.

A study of the experiment was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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