Sewage workers killed in wave


A dramatic accident occurred on Wednesday in Oberwaltersdorf (Baden district). A worker who climbed into the sewer after becoming ill may have been swept away by the wave. He was rescued dead.

According to police, the man was a 63-year-old labourer. It is still unclear why he climbed into the gutter on Thursday morning. However, there may have been a problem with the canal area and they wanted to find the damaged area.

The work could be carried out because the sewer system has regular sealing balloons – one of which may have been destroyed, police said.

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The man was hit by the wave and thrown into the pipe

According to the Oberwaltersdorf fire department, the man was thrown into a pipe 100 meters long and 60 centimeters thick. Firefighters spent several hours trying to rescue the man. Only a 63-year-old man was rescued alive. The investigation is now in the hands of the police and labor inspectorate.

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